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Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

The traditional dishes of Cordoba have been greatly influenced by Italian, Spanish and indigenous cuisine. It's not surprising when you consider that many Argentineans are originally of European descent and the local population already had an interesting gastronomic selection. Many of the typical dishes in town are also common in other areas of Argentina, including the world famous "asados" (char grilled meat), pasta and the Argentinean empanadas.

Cordoba also has a great selection of desserts, many of which originated in the European countries of Germany, Greece and Austria. The most common dessert is called a "factura" (sweetened bread), which can be filled with caramelized milk (dulce de leche in Spanish), marmalade or custard. There's a very famous variety called Medialuna, which are similar to croissants. Another very popular dessert is called "mantecol", bars of peanut butter that look like the Spanish candy ''turron''. Of course, the typical ''alfajor'', a round biscuit filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate, can be found throughout the country.

As for drinks, "mate" (an infusion of traditional herbs), and coffee are very popular throughout the whole country. Another of the typical beverages in town is "fernet", a liquor made of herbs, which is a big hit with young adults.

Below are some of the specialties you'll be able to try when visiting the restaurants in Cordoba. Enjoy your meal!


Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

Empanadas are one of the most representative dishes of the country, and a well known Argentinean specialty worldwide. Depending on the region where they are made, the empanadas have different fillings, according to the local ingredients. For example, coastal towns usually fill empanadas with seafood, and there are some places that have created sweet empanadas. This is the case in the city of Cordoba, where the empanadas are often lightly sprinkled with sugar. Locals usually add raisins, potatoes or olives to season the meat they use for the filling of the empanadas.

After the main course, you can also enjoy empanadas for dessert. Oftentimes they are a little bit smaller and filled with "dulce de leche", quince paste, "batata" (sweet potato) or sweetened ricotta.


Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

Choripan is a popular fast food among locals, basically consisting of a pork sausage (chorizo) sandwich, similar to a hotdog. To prepare the choripan, a piece of French bread, much smaller than a baguette, is cut in half and filled with a grilled sausage. Instead of chorizo, choripan can sometimes be made with "longaniza" (a thinner, coarse sausage). Choripan is often seasoned with chimichurri sauce, mayonnaise, mushrooms, pickles or chili, and it is a common sight to see people selling this delicacy in many places around the city.


Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

Picadas are very traditional, often eaten both in people's homes and in the restaurants of Cordoba. Picadas, made of sliced cheeses and cold cuts, are usually served as an appetizer or eaten as a snack when having a drink with friends. They are most commonly accompanied by a glass of fernet, beer or wine. The Picadas are served on a platter alongside small cubes of cheese, breaded meat, olives, pickled eggplant, pizza, French fries, salami and other light fare. Picadas can be compared to Spanish "tapas".

El Fernet

Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

Made with a selection of herbs and grapes, fernet is one of the favorite liquors with the people of Cordoba, and has in fact become increasingly popular throughout Argentina. With a strong aroma and taste, fernet is especially popular with young adults, where it has a cult following similar to that of absinthe. At least 30% of all the fernet produced in Argentina is consumed in the city of Cordoba! When visiting any of the bars in Cordoba, don't forget to order a cocktail of fernet and coke, one of the local favorites.

Beer and Wine

Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

The region of Cordoba produces some great wines. Dating back to the colonial era, the wines made by the Jesuits were widely recognized as the best in the province. Nearby areas like Caroya and La Costa also produce some interesting wines.

Almost as common as wine, but not as popular as fernet, beer or "birra" as the locals call it, is another traditional drink. Along with Cordoba, other cities located nearby, such as Villa General Belgrano and Rio Segundo, also produce a selection of excellent beers.

The Main Areas to Dine in Cordoba

Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

Although you can find excellent restaurants throughout the whole city, there are three areas that really stand out because of their abundance and variety of places to eat in Cordoba. The first is "Cerro de las Rosas" (The Hill of the Roses), a picturesque residential area in northwest Cordoba, lined with some of the trendiest restaurants, boutiques, bars and clubs, all located in buildings with eye catching architecture.

Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina

The area known as Nueva Cordoba, where the Buen Pastor Cultural Center is located, features some of the best restaurants in Cordoba. In this neighborhood, especially on Hipolito Yrigoyen Avenue, you can find plenty of cafes and bars that are ideal to have a relaxing chat or gather with friends. Since the area is pretty close to the National University of Cordoba, many of these places are popular with intellectuals and university students.

Downtown Cordoba also has a number of excellent coffee shops and eateries that are very popular with locals and visitors. Get ready for a culinary adventure in Cordoba!

Five Restaurants You Must Try!

Restaurants in Cordoba, Argentina
  • DOC Vino y Cocina. Signature cuisine in a casual yet elegant atmosphere.
  • La Nieta 'e La Pancha. The traditional cuisine of Cordoba served in an enchanting restaurant with an outdoor terrace.
  • Puerto Marisco. Exquisite fish and seafood at very reasonable prices.
  • Alcorta. An excellent Argentinean restaurant serving prime beef and superb wines. Located in the heart of downtown.
  • Alfonsina. Classic specialties from Argentina and live music performances. Situated in the historic center.

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