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Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina: Nightclubs, Bars & More

Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba is known for its large student population and upbeat nightlife. When the weekend arrives, hundreds of university students can be seen socializing and dancing in the city's bars and nightclubs in search of a distraction from classes.

Students from several different countries including Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay, live in Cordoba. The presence of these foreigners in the city's various nightclubs, or "boliches" as Argentinean's tend to call them, add a cosmopolitan feel to Cordoba's nightlife.

The city's downtown area is a popular spot for many university students when the weekend arrives. A downtown location that stands out in particular is Patio Olmos mall and its surrounding areas. The mall's establishments include a variety of bars and nightclubs which are open all night.

Nueva Cordoba is an area located south of Cordoba's historic center and a place commonly visited by many university students. Its numerous pubs and bars have made it a focal point in the city's nightlife throughout the years. The vicinity around Chateau Carreras stadium features some of the most modern nightclubs in the city. Pop and electronic music are the most common genres played in its exclusive clubs. Last but certainly not least, is Cerro de las Rosas, a residential area which offers various top-notch restaurants, bars and nightclubs.


Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina

People who enjoy rock in Spanish will be pleased to find a vast selection of this music genre in Cordoba. Numerous local bands and musicians from all over Argentina and the world can be seen playing regularly on stages throughout the city.

Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina

"Cuarteto" is one of the most traditional music genres in all of Cordoba. Its origins date back to the early 20th century, however, it wasn't until the later half of the century that its popularity grew exponentially. With a strong basis on tropical beats, cuarteto is a popular genre across all of Argentina.

Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina

Other popular genres heard throughout Cordoba include jazz, pop and reggaeton. Among the three, jazz music stands out the most thanks to its notable and constantly growing fan base within the city.

Cultural Events

Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina

A wide array of theater performances and displays of visual art can be seen regularly in Cordoba. The city's theaters and cultural centers are frequently filled with different activities such as art exhibitions, concerts, independent films, opera and dance presentations, among others. Out of the 50-plus theaters located throughout the city, San Martin Theater stands out for having one of the best acoustics in Cordoba and all of Argentina.

Cordoba offers numerous opportunities for nighttime entertainment, ranging from theaters to upbeat nightclubs. Make sure you don't miss out on Cordoba's entertaining nightlife!

Live Music

Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Captain Blue
  • Belle Epoque
  • Arte Club
  • Adagio


Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Studio Theater
  • Santidad Lounge Club
  • Peekaboo
  • Rinzaclub
  • Carreras


Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Bedoya
  • Era
  • Pena Apacheta
  • La Fabrica  
  • Puro Club
  • Blackmamba
  • Bar1700
  • Morado Arte Bar


Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Zar Disco
  • Las Tejas
  • La Morocha
  • Maipu
  • El Don

For Dancing

Nightlife in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Switch  
  • Casa Babylon
  • Club F
  • Rivadavia  
  • Tsunami
  • But Mitre

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