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Welcome to Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba is a beautiful colonial, academic and industrial city. Its large size and diverse demographics make it one of the most important cities in Argentina, second only to Buenos Aires.

The city's convenient location in the center of Argentina makes it easily accessible, whether from the country's capital, from the coast, by land or by plane. In the midst of an active commercial, industrial and academic scene, Cordoba offers a vast panorama of opportunities for business, relaxation and adventure.


Cordoba, Argentina

A large part of the city's beauty lies in its vibrant academic and cultural lifestyle. Cordoba is home to the first university founded in Argentina, with a student body of more than one hundred thousand undergraduates and postgraduates from all over the South American continent.

Cordoba, Argentina

In the city's historic district, the Cordoba landscape is dominated by a series of colonial buildings and monuments that have been declared World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. Numerous constructions from the colonial era house a variety of schools, museums, government buildings and offices. Beyond the historic area of the city, Cordoba has modern neighborhoods, spacious parks and numerous commercial areas.

The Founding of Cordoba

Cordoba, Argentina

The founding of the city dates all the way back to the sixteenth century. In 1573, Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera from Spain created a settlement for his countrymen, including a fortress and commercial center. With the arrival of Dominican, Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries, the city acquired the appearance that characterizes it today, featuring an abundance of churches, oratories and convents. These religious buildings gave Cordoba the nickname "The City of Bells".

Cultural Capital

Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba's rich colonial history and large academic community have created the perfect conditions for a blooming cultural scene all throughout the city. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the city was declared America's Cultural Capital, a title that validated the artistic development and cultural diffusion that make Cordoba what it is today. Within the city, one can easily find numerous museums, theaters, art galleries, events, festivals and concerts. Cordoba is aptly nicknamed "La Docta" (roughly translated "The Learned Lady").

Business in Cordoba

Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba plays an important and dynamic role in Argentina's technological and automotive industries. Its social, cultural and economic conditions have made it attractive for investors and tradesmen from different industrial sectors. Since the final decades of the twentieth century, the city has made a name for itself in aerospace production, and its factories have been considered as some of the most advanced in the world since the end of World War II.

Cordoba, Argentina

Today, the automotive sector is an integral part of Cordoba's economy. The city produces approximately a quarter of the country's automobiles and has more than 160 factories in its surrounding regions, including Renault, Fiat and Volkswagen.

Cordoba, Argentina

The area is also filled with important technology and software companies along with diverse commercial centers and a modern international airport. Some international technological brands that operate in Cordoba include Motorola, IBM and Intel, along with hundreds of local companies. The city has become a site of vital importance for Argentina in terms of technological development.

Vacations and Special Trips

Cordoba, Argentina

It's impossible to think of unforgettable and unique vacations in the colonial heart of Argentina without Cordoba springing to mind. The numerous accommodations in this beautiful urban center offer a wide variety of options, making Cordoba highly accessible for any type of traveler.

Cordoba, Argentina

Those who visit this city for business or academic trips will always find picturesque and accessible accommodations, whether they prefer a small hotel for a short trip or a private villa to enjoy an entire summer. It doesn't matter if you travel for work, to study, to visit friends or to discover the city's World Heritage Site; the city of Cordoba and its friendly people await you. Discover this charming colonial destination!

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