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Shopping in Coahuila, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Coahuila shoppingIn Coahuila, excellent quality in handicrafts can be found in many areas of the state. Thanks to the livestock and commercial richness in a number of regions of the state, it is common to find leather items such as footwear, saddles, cowboy boots and belts in almost all of Coahuila. Whether you are looking for something to give as a gift or simply to keep as a souvenir from this beautiful land, you can find that perfect "something" in Coahuila.

If what you prefer is to go shopping and browse through the different stores of a mall, you can find plenty of opportunities in cities like Torreon or Monclova.

As a border state, Coahuila offers the chance to go shopping in the United States. In the border cities Piedras Negras and Acuna, it is easy to cross the frontier and go shopping for name brand items at excellent prices.

Coahuila handicraftsSomething you should not forget to buy when you go shopping in Coahuila is a "sarape," the most representative handicraft of the state. The sarape is a colorful woven garment made out of wool, used mainly to keep warm, by the creative and patient hands of local artisans. They feature different repetitive designs with vertical stripes and colorful zigzag lines that alternate with figures like triangles or rhombuses.

Zaragoza Market

Piedras Negras shops

The Zaragoza Market is one of the most representative places to buy handcrafts in Piedras Negras. In each of its small shops, you will be able to acquire from maracas and sarapes to boots, handmade belts and other leather articles. For some Americans, the city of Piedras Negras is their only link to Mexican culture, where you can surely find a fantastic souvenir to take home.

Eagle Pass, Texas

Coahuila shopping

If you are in Piedras Negras, you can cross the border to buy a great variety of products on sale. Actually, many inhabitants of the region often travel to Piedras Negras to cross the bridge and live an unforgettable shopping experience on the other side of the river. As with other border cities, Eagle Pass is bilingual and tourists from both countries are served warmly in their own language. Visit Las Aguilas Mall or the stores located in downtown Eagle Pass. You won't regret it!

Pape Boulevard

Harold R. Pape Boulevard is one of the main commercial avenues in Monclova, featuring an extensive variety of hotels, boutiques, restaurants, clubs, cafes and all kinds of stores, especially in the northern section of the Boulevard.

Hidalgo Shopping Center

Located in downtown Monclova, this picturesque plaza features different stores offering shoes, caps, wallets, T-shirts, sportswear and many other products, which can make great gifts.

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