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Traditional dishes in Ciudad del Carmen

As with all islands, Ciudad del Carmen is known for its seafood. Traditional dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, as this destination has retained its fishing village roots even with the oil boom. Pampano is often poached, fried or served with green salsa. Other types of fish are served fried, with broth or as tikin-xic (grilled with an achiote marinade). 

Shrimp lovers can savor their favorite crustacean in many ways, including breaded, in a cocktail or with garlic sauce. A unique dish that is very popular with tourists is chile relleno (stuffed chili pepper) with shrimp. Octopus is another main ingredient in the cuisine of the city, usually served in its ink or in a ceviche.

Cuisine in Ciudad del Carmen

Influenced by the rest of Campeche and Yucatan, the local cuisine includes tamales colados (strained corn dough tamales), escabeche (poached or fried fish), queso relleno (stuffed cheese) and jamon claveteado (ham prepared with brandy and wine). Pan de cazon and kibi de pescado are also popular dishes for those visiting the area.


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