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Ciudad del Carmen was once used as a refuge for pirates who sought to raid Spanish galleons and attack the port of Campeche. It was named after the Virgin of Carmen when it was reclaimed by the colonists on July 16, 1717, a day that is now celebrated in honor of the city’s Patron Saint.

Currently, Ciudad del Carmen is a business leader and a pillar of the national economy as it is the home of the country’s most important oil fields. It’s also the perfect starting point for entering the mystical Mayan world in the southern area of the Yucatan Peninsula, where you’ll find stunning natural sites like mangroves, estuaries and semi-virgin beaches.

Oil City

Tourism in Ciudad del Carmen

Oil was discovered off the coast of the island in 1971, greatly affecting the entire population. After a long history of fishing, Ciudad del Carmen refocused its efforts on the extraction of crude oil. PEMEX established their plants in the Bay of Campeche, where most of the nation’s oil is produced as well as a great percentage of Mexico’s natural gas.

Uniformed workers can often be seen returning from the platform, yet as you walk the streets you can still enjoy the atmosphere of a small, traditional city that has retained the natural beauty of its coastline. This unique combination of features makes Ciudad del Carmen the perfect destination for business travelers who also wish to relax and unwind during their leisure hours.

Ciudad del Carmen Profile

  • Headquarters of Mexico’s most productive petroleum plants.
  • One of the highest revenue generating municipalities in the country.
  • An important business destination in Mexico.
  • Inhabited by people from all over Mexico who are seeking better job opportunities.
  • Beautiful beaches in the northern area.
  • Home of the Unidad and El Zacatal bridges, which offer beautiful ocean views.
  • The city is surrounded by splendid natural scenery and archeological sites. 

Things to do in Ciudad del Carmen

  • Spend a day at the beaches located near or in the city and admire beautiful sunsets.
  • Take a stroll along the boardwalk and discover what the city has to offer throughout the day and night.
  • Watch the light show at the Zacatal Bridge.
  • Try the delicious fish and seafood dishes prepared at the local restaurants.
  • Take a tour of Isla Aguada and admire natural surroundings as well as the dolphins that frequently visit this area.
  • Try some of the eco-tourism activities offered at the Terminos Lagoon.


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