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Ciudad Juarez is primarily a business destination, though it still offers numerous tourist attractions that travelers can take advantage of while staying in the city. In this city you can find everything from archeological sites, ecological parks, and white sand dunes, to historical monuments and buildings. There are also several attractions with important historical significance that you’ll want to visit during your stay in Ciudad Juarez.


Cathedral in Ciudad Juarez

The beautiful city cathedral lights up the downtown area with its neoclassical style fluted towers and high ceilings made of regional and imported materials. At the beginning of the twentieth century the growth of the parish was such that the priest Baudelio Pelayo proposed the construction of a temple annex to the Guadalupe Mission. Construction of the cathedral began in 1935 and was completed in 1957, when it was converted into the headquarters of the Diocese of Ciudad Juarez.

Benito Juarez Monument

Benito Juarez Monument

This architectural jewel with its 8.2 ft. tall main statue was cast in Florence, Italy. It was inaugurated by President Porfirio Diaz in 1909, one year before the centenary celebration of Mexican Independence. White marble from Carrara, Italy, dark marble from Durango, and quarry stone from Chihuahua were all used in the construction of the monument, which honors the life and work of Don Benito Juarez Garcia. 

Revolucion en la Frontera Museum

Revolucion ee la Frontera Museum

This museum, also known as the former Customs Building, has been the site of several of the country’s important historic events, including the resignation of Porfirio Diaz, and houses the office where Don Benito Juarez served for a year in the Mexican government. This beautiful building dates back to the nineteenth century and was inaugurated on September 10, 1889, as the border checkpoint between Mexico and the United States. This distinctively French-style building has red-brick walls and decorative features, such as columns, chandeliers, and elegant drapery. It features an exhibition depicting various stages of history in the region, such as the Conquest, the Viceroyalty, the Independence, the Paquime culture, the Reform, the Porfiriato, and the Mexican Revolution.

Salamayuca Desert

Salamayuca Desert

The stunning white sand dunes of the Salamayuca Desert ebb and flow at the will of the wind and create a unique visual crystal curtain effect when the moon is full. Hundreds of visitors come from the surrounding areas to appreciate the grandeur and beauty of this desert landscape. It’s located just 29 miles from Ciudad Juarez and makes a great destination for extreme sports enthusiasts, with activities like sandboarding and sand-biking.

Chamizal Park

Chamizal Park

This lovely outdoor park has extensive green areas, a skating rink, open spaces for playing ball games, jogging paths, and a swimming area, as well as monuments and an archeological museum that showcases Mexican culture. It sits on land that has been the subject of controversy for more than 100 years, ever since the Rio Grande River, which serves as the border between Mexico and United States, changed its course which resulted in the park ending up on the U.S. side.

Archeology Museum

Archeology Museum in Ciudad Juarez

The Archeology Museum is located in Chamizal Park and showcases various items from the country’s pre-Hispanic cultures. On display in the gardens are beautiful large-scale replicas of original works from distinct cultures throughout Mexico, including the Tula warriors, Aztec jaguars, Mayan masks, Olmec heads, and Mixtec reliefs. It also features temporary painting and sculpture exhibits.

Hermanos Escobar Central Park

This park opened in 1967. It has an artificial lake where you can go for a boat ride, which is truly a luxury in this dry desert region. It’s also a great place for sports and outdoor recreational activities for all ages.

Guadalupe Mission

Guadalupe Mission

This beautiful building features strong adobe walls and beams carved with indigenous motifs. It is home to the lovely gilded wooden statues of “The Immaculate Conception” and “The Pain,” both of which were carved in Europe and are older than the mission itself. This mission was built along the border between Mexico and the United States. It was inaugurated in 1668 with a ceremony during which nearly 100 indigenous believers were married and baptized.


Paquime in Ciudad Juarez

This city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its unique architecture and its ancient commercial export of turquoise, shells, parrots, feathers, and polychrome pottery, which made it the most important archeological region in northern Mexico. It is located 176 miles from Ciudad Juarez and can be visited on one of the available tours

The site is made up of fascinating ruins of an almost unknown civilization that were abandoned in the late fifteenth century. Tall, thick adobe walls formed part of a long chain of interconnected rooms with T-shaped doors in what appears to be a huge labyrinth located in the middle of the desert. The structures in Paquime tower six or seven stories high, with walls and towers for protection and defense.

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