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Ciudad Juarez, officially named Heroica Ciudad Juarez, is a city located along the Rio Grande River, which serves as the border between the United States and Mexico. Together with its sister city of El Paso, Texas, it comprises a single metropolitan area of more than two million people. This stretch of border is well-served by four bridges that connect the two countries. Ciudad Juarez is the most important manufacturing city in Mexico, and along with commerce, it makes up a fundamental part of the economy.


Salamayuca Desert

This iconic city is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife areas. Arriving in this prosperous border city you’ll find the vast white expanse of the Salamayuca Desert to the south and the imposing Rio Grande River to the north. Here you can also admire colonial buildings, such as the Guadalupe Mission, the beautiful city cathedral, and the monumental former customs building. In addition to being a great place to do business, Ciudad Juarez is also an excellent cultural and adventure tourism destination, thanks in large part to its close proximity to the desert.

Business in Ciudad Juarez

Business in Ciudad Juarez

Hundreds of multinational corporations have established a presence in Ciudad Juarez to take advantage of easy access to the United States and a skilled labor market. Today, Japanese, U.S., and European companies are already part of the panorama of this city, which maintains high quality standards due to ongoing training and international certifications. Similarly, it acts as a research center for new materials and all the latest technology. 

Ciudad Juarez has an international airport with regular flights and connections to major cities in Mexico and the United States. This city has become an important destination for business travelers seeking to establish relationships with world-class companies located along the border. It offers excellent infrastructure, numerous hotels, vibrant nightlife, great restaurants, and wonderful attractions.

A Little Bit of History

The area that is now Ciudad Juarez was originally inhabited by indigenous semi-nomadic tribes, including the Sumas, Mansos, and Sumanos, whose culture made it possible for them to adapt to the harsh desert conditions. The Spanish arrived during the sixteenth century, and together with the Franciscan congregation, they founded the town called “Mision de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de los Mansos del Paso del Norte,” with the aim of evangelizing the region.

In the late sixteenth century, the city was called Villa del Paso del Norte and became the capital of New Mexico. It acquired its main historical significance between 1865 and 1866 when President Benito Juarez established it as the seat of the national government. In commemoration of that event, President Porfirio Diaz renamed it Ciudad Juarez.

It wasn’t until after WWII that Ciudad Juarez took advantage of its close proximity to the most powerful country in the world to increase commerce and began to export industrial products. Today, manufacturing and business tourism are the city’s main economic drivers.

Ciudad Juarez Profile

  • Prime destination for international business
  • Numerous factories that manufacture all types of products
  • Four bridges connecting the city with the United States border
  • Excellent infrastructure for hosting events at hotels and convention centers.
  • Climate with seasonal temperatures throughout the year.
  • Opportunity to go shopping in the United States
  • Sporting and cultural activities

Things to do in Ciudad Juarez

  • Go shopping in El Paso, Texas
  • Savor a delicious soup or regional dish at the Cuahtemoc Market
  • Try the local drink, sotol, or a refreshing margarita at your hotel bar
  • Host unforgettable events at any of the city’s convention centers
  • Enjoy adventure sports like sandboarding or riding an ATV in the desert
  • Visit the museums in the historic center
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