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Ciudad Victoria is the capital of the state of Tamaulipas. It's well known for promoting culture as part of the daily lives of its inhabitants, making it a popular place for nationally and internationally renowned artists to live and work. With this intensely cultural atmosphere and the establishment of various private and public educational institutions, Ciudad Victoria has been nicknamed “The Tamaulipeca Athens.”

Along with the various cultural opportunities featured in Ciudad Victoria, you’ll find many other attractions in or near the city that you can enjoy during your stay, including sports, eco-tours, bars and nightclubs.

Urban Harmony

Vacations and travel to Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Victoria has architecture that dates from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and its buildings are arranged in an orderly urban style. Its historic center is a clear example of the design of colonial cities and at Plaza de Armas (the Main Square) you’ll find a Cathedral, City Hall and shops.

Since 1975, Ciudad Victoria has rapidly developed, creating new residential areas while maintaining the city’s beauty and urban order. Today, the city is known for its preserved ecological areas as well as the efficient thoroughfares that allow for rapid travel and easy access to other major cities in the state.

Ciudad Victoria Profile

  • The political capital of the state of Tamaulipas
  • A city with an orderly urban design
  • Known for its cultural and artistic lifestyle
  • Has a great number of educational institutions and has been given the nickname of "The Tamaulipeca Athens"
  • Has surrounding areas that are perfect for camping, ecotourism, adventure tourism, fishing and hunting
  • Offers a variety of delicious cuisine
  • Has a growing tourism industry with modern facilities and convenient services focused primarily on business travelers
  • Also known as the “City of Birds” due to the various species that visit the area 

Things to do in Ciudad Victoria

  • Take a tour of the historic center and explore Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral and City Hall
  • Attend the art shows that take place in the cultural centers and the local campuses
  • Enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings at the nearby ecological reserves
  • Participate in local eco-tourism activities, including camping, rappelling, hiking and mountain biking
  • Visit Altas Cumbres Canyon, Peregrina Canyon and Hacienda Santa Engracia to enjoy birdwatching
  • Go fishing at the Vicente Guerrero Dam, where you can catch catfish, mojarra and largemouth bass
  • Dine on fresh seafood, grilled cabrito (goat kid) or deer tamales in the local restaurants
  • Take a photographic safari or go sport hunting within the local game reserves


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