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Ciudad Obregon, Sonora

Ciudad Obregon offers a wide variety of cultural attractions and entertainment for visitors. Not only does it have fertile land for agricultural production and breathtaking natural beauty, but it’s also an excellent place to do business in the state of Sonora. In addition, this destination has preserved its rich cultural heritage. 

With a prime location in the southern part of Sonora, right in the heart of the Yaqui Valley, it makes a great jumping off point for visiting the towns, villages, and incredible natural attractions in the surrounding area. You'll find the Sea of Cortez beaches to the west, the Sierra Madre Occidental to the east, the Mayo Valley to the south, the Port of Guaymas to the north, and the San Carlos beaches, which are located 80 miles away. 

Yaqui Valley

The main economic activities that take place in this city are agriculture, industry, farming, fishing, commerce, aquaculture, and tourism.

A Little Bit of History

Yaqui People of Ciudad Obregon

Ciudad Obregon proudly preserves the language and traditions of the Yaqui culture, including the famous “Deer Dance,” a ritual dance and celebration that reenacts a deer hunting scene. The city began to flourish in the early 1900s when the Southern Pacific Railroad Company opened a warehouse there. It was built to supply materials for the construction of the railroad that would join the Yaqui Valley and the Mayo Valley. This attracted many investors to the region, resulting in new settlements.

Little by little, more people arrived from the United States and Europe, as well as from neighboring towns and villages. The opening of the first American automobile dealership spurred the rapid growth of Ciudad Obregon.

Ciudad Obregon Profile

  • Second most important city in Sonora
  • Agriculture is the main economic driver, followed by industry, farming, fishing, commerce, and aquaculture
  • Cultural city and home to the Yaqui people
  • A great destination for adventure tourism
  • Excellent business infrastructure
  • It has one of the largest irrigation systems in Mexico 

Things to do in Ciudad Obregon

  • Visit one of the city parks or plazas
  • Spend the day at the Nainari Lagoon
  • Visit the modern Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral
  • Tour Huivulai Island
  • Go fishing at the Oviachi Dam
  • Relax on the San Carlos Beaches
  • Visit the Yaqui Museum.
  • Explore the Esperanza-Oviachic Ecotourism Corridor
  • Enjoy a regional dish like Wakabaki, carne asada (grilled meat) with flour tortillas, Caguamanta (stingray soup with shrimp and vegetables), or Coyotas (cookies with brown sugar, molasses, guava, apple, fig, or fudge filling)
  • Try the Bacanora (agave liquor made in the state of Sonora)
  • Enjoy a night out at the bars and nightclubs on Miguel Aleman Avenue
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