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Chihuahua Nightlife | Things to do After Dark in Chihuahua


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Chihuahua Nightlife

In a traditional Mexican city like Chihuahua, much of the nightlife takes place in bars, cafes and nightclubs. These establishments offer various styles of live music and where dancing is enjoyed you’ll often hear banda, norteno (northern) or country music.

Those seeking a more relaxed evening can enjoy a show at one of the local theaters and return to their hotel with memories of a fun and uniquely "Mexican" night out.

Periferico de la Juventud

Periferico de la JuventudPeriferico de la Juventud is the newest area of Chihuahua and showcases the modern development of the city. It’s also one of the best places to enjoy an evening out as it has cinemas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that feature great entertainment and music.

Avenida Bolivar

Chihuahua NightlifeThis area is in the southern part of Chihuahua, and is home to impressive mansions and old homes as well as the famous Quinta Gameros. There are also several restaurants, cafes and bars with live entertainment, including rock or pop bands on the weekend. Notably, this is where you’ll find La Cantina La Paz, a genuine cantina that's been open for more than 100 years. This historic location displays pictures of Chihuahua and a collection of various items from yesteryear.

Golden Zone

Chihuahua Golden ZoneLocated on Avenida Juarez, this lively area features many bars and nightclubs, providing visitors with a lively atmosphere for their night out in the city.

La Cerve and the Jardin Corona

Bars in ChihuahuaThese traditional Chihuahua restaurant/bars have a unique “Drive In” concept, providing you with service at a table or at your car while you enjoy live music and a fun atmosphere. Make sure you try the "chamorros" (beef shanks) and the "papas preperadas" (spicy potato chips).

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