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Chichen Itza Cuisine

The grandeur of the Maya goes beyond the structures, the prophecies, and the precise calculation of cosmic events. It is also reflected in the quality and exquisite taste of the food. Yucatecan cuisine in general incorporates ingredients from around the world.

Some ingredients that were essential to ancient Mayan cuisine, like pheasant and venison, have been replaced with more modern ingredients, such as pork and turkey. Others, like corn, have remained part of the original recipes for centuries and continue to be basic elements of Yucatecan cuisine.

What to Eat in Chichen Itza

When you visit Chichen Itza, don’t pass up the opportunity to try some of the famous dishes of the region, such as papadzules (hardboiled egg rolled up in a tortilla and covered with pumpkin seed sauce), panuchos (pre-cooked tortilla with shredded chicken and refried beans) lime soup, and chilmole or relleno negro (turkey mole flavored with a charred chili paste). You can also try poc-chuc (pork marinated in sour orange juice), stuffed cheese, pescado a la tikinxic (fish marinated in achiote and sour orange juice), delicious tamales, or pork and beans, as well as numerous other specialties that you’ll find at local hotels and restaurants.

The regional desserts are a perfect way to wrap up your meal. Some of the desserts worth trying include tortas de cielo (almond cake with a hint of cognac), caballeros pobres (bread with honey and raisins), margaritas de almendra (almond lilies), atropellado de coco (coconut and sweet potato balls), and dulce de papaya (papaya candy).

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