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Restaurants in Chicago Illinois: Best Restaurants, Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago is a beautiful city full of life that offers cuisines from around the world. The 26 ethnic groups and the dozens of neighborhoods and communities scattered around the city, provide Chicago with hundreds of restaurants that range from small places to enjoy fast food to fine dining restaurants requiring reservations made several weeks in advance.

McDonald's was started in the Chicago area, in 1955, in Des Plaines, Illinois, just 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. Other famous foods that were "invented" in the area are Cracker Jacks (caramelized popcorn), sold for the first time in Chicago in 1893, as well as Twinkies, the preferred sweet treat for millions of kids. There is also the Chicago style deep-dish pizza, made using dough one or two inches thick.

Each of the 77 neighborhoods or communities, of this enormous city, such as The Loop, Gold Coast, Greektown, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Hyde Park, Chinatown, Rogers Park, and Little Village, has a great variety of fantastic restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

The Loop

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Downtown Chicago features a wide variety of places open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ranging from tiny fast food joints and cafes to specialty restaurants offering cuisine from around the world. Like many downtown areas, The Loop is quite an expensive location.

  • Blackbird (Contemporary American)
  • Frontera Fresco (Mexican Fast Food)
  • Giordano's (Pizzeria)
  • Morton's Steakhouse
  • Spiaggia (Italian)
  • Thai Urban Kitchen (Thai-Japanese)
  • The Village (Italian, Seafood)
  • Trattoria No. 10 (Italian)

Gold Coast

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Gold Coast is the most exclusive neighborhood in Chicago. It's an elegant place for the elite, located north of downtown, in front of the incredibly vast Lake Michigan.

  • Cheesecake Factory (Contemporary American)
  • C-House (American, Seafood)
  • Le Colonial (French, Vietnamese)
  • NoMI (French, Japanese)
  • RA Sushi (Sushi)
  • The Signature Room (International)
  • Tru (Contemporary American)
  • Wave (Mediterranean)


Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Greektown is west of downtown Chicago, and there is no better place to enjoy delicious Moussaka, tasty Souvlaki, and exquisite gyros.

  • Artopolis Bakery Cafe & Agora (Greek)
  • Greek Islands (Greek)
  • The Parthenon (Greek)
  • Venus Greek-Cypriot Cuisine (Mediterranean)

Lincoln Park

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Lincoln Park is an area north of The Loop with beautiful multifamily residences, which are very common in Chicago. It is an upper class area with a great selection of stores, nightlife, and restaurants, all of them located a few blocks from Lake Michigan.

  • Aloha Grill (Hawaiian)
  • Boston Blackie's (Hamburgers)
  • Lou Malnati's Pizzeria
  • Shiso (Japanese, Sushi)
  • Tarascas Internacional (Mexican, Caribbean)

Bucktown / Wicker Park

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Bucktown and Wicker Park are two of the most original, trendy communities, with a stylish set of people both living and visiting here. Aside from offering excellent restaurants, this area is known for its exhibitions, art studios and performances.

  • Cafe La Guardia (Cuban)
  • Earwax Cafe (Vegetarian)
  • Estrella Negra (Hispanic)
  • Mirai (Japanese, Sushi)
  • Pictures of Mado (Italian)
  • Rios D' Sudamerica (Peruvian)
  • Tocco (Italian)

Hyde Park

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

South of the city you'll find the cultural area of Hyde Park, home of the University of Chicago. Dozens of restaurants, cafes, and small fast food places surround this prestigious institution, located just a few streets away from the Lake Michigan.

  • Cafe Florian (Fast Food)
  • Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen (Mediterranean)
  • La Petite Folie (French)
  • Leonas (Italian)
  • The Medici on 57th (Hamburgers)
  • The Original Pancake House (Breakfast)


Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

This colorful community is full of supermarkets and stores selling interesting Chinese products, along with dozens of small traditional restaurants serving delicious cuisine from the Far East.

  • House of Fortune (Chinese)
  • Lao Beijing (Chinese)
  • Penang (Malaysian)
  • Seven Treasures (Cantonese)

Rogers Park

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

West of Lake Michigan, in the north of the city, next to the exclusive suburb of Evanston, is the eclectic neighborhood of Rogers Park. Here you'll find a great selection of Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants, together with kosher delis and markets.

  • Hashalom Restaurant (Israeli, Moroccan)
  • Hema's Kitchen (Hindu)
  • J.K. Kabab House (Hindu)
  • Lahore Food & Grill (Hindu, Pakistani)
  • Lake Side Cafe (Vegetarian)
  • Masouleh Restaurant (Iranian)
  • Taboun Grill (Israeli, Moroccan)
  • Viet Bistro (Asian, Vietnamese)

Little Village

Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Little Village or La Villita, the Mexican community south of Chicago, offers a nice selection of traditional Mexican restaurants with cuisines from all over Mexico. If you are craving a taco, a quesadilla, or any other Mexican dish, then don't forget to visit La Villita.

  • Lalo's Restaurant (Mexican)
  • Mi Tierra (Mexican)

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