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Shopping in Chiapas, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Chiapas

Shopping in ChiapasSongs and dances, gifts and crafts, colorful items, costumes and sounds are just a few of the elements that give life to the Chiapanecan people. The craft work, produced by people of immense character, joins together with the music, dance and the spectacular local costumes to give an eye-catching amalgamation of tradition and folklore.

Imagination plays an important part in artistic creation. An object can at the same time be useful, decorative and religious in nature. The clay candelabrums and jars tell stories through their intricate engravings about how mother earth protects the Chiapanecan people and keeps them safe from harm.

The traditional weaving machines, the housing programs in work areas and the use of local materials is making Chiapanecan crafts appreciated more and more. The imagination of these men and woman is offering to the world ideas and models that have been made reality by hours of active labor.

Local Markets

Shopping in ChiapasYou can buy beautiful clothes in the many markets, all expertly embroidered by the local craftspeople, and each village has a distinct style of its own.

Shopping in ChiapasAlso on offer are shoes, sarapes, dresses, rebozos, and all kinds of linen for tables.

The "mercados" (markets) in Chiapas are wonderful places to browse around, and the prices aren't that bad either.

The different aromas and sounds make for a great way to enjoy the local culture!

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