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Restaurants in Chiapas, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Chiapas

The cuisine of Chiapas is varied and rich in flavors and aromas. Chiapanecans take pleasure in eating; and dining is an important part of everyday life. Even death is received with a special mole, typically served on memorial services. Praying is a good excuse for eating Chiapanecan tamales, made with local herbs, spices, and ingredients such as saffron, Dutch cheese, Mexican pepper leaf, longbeak rattlebox weed, mole tamales and more.

Food in ChiapasFurthermore, each region of Chiapas is known for its typical food and ingredients, for instance, ham comes from San Cristobal, white sausages from Comitan, Dutch cheese from Ocosingo, bean tamales from Tuxtla Chico, and pucsaxe an Zoque Indian beverage, along with 'comida grande' which is a dish made with meat jerky and ground pumpkin seeds and spices comes from Chiapa de Corzo.

Chiapas is also famous for its sweets and traditional candies which are as varied as the cuisine. San Cristobal in known for their sweet potato and quince sweets, in Chiapa de Corzo they make 'suspiros' or 'sighs' which are made with wild yam, and in Tuxtla Gutierrez, they make pucxinu with corn and honey. This extensive variety of candies can be found in restaurants or purchased in the markets, village fairs, and from street vendors.

To complement this state's cuisine, there are refreshing traditional beverages such as tlascalate and pozol, both made with corn and their origins can be traced back to the Pre-Hispanic period.

Chiapas is certainly full of unique flavors and aromas, come and enjoy a culinary experience as well as everything else this state has to offer.

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