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Chiapas is one of the most interesting places in Mexico. It offers the visitor the warmth of its people, the magic of its towns and cities, and its culture. Through the amazing variety of tourist attractions available throughout the State, visitors are able to enjoy stunning archaeological sites, incomparable natural beauty, a vibrant culture, indigenous communities, beaches and eco-touristic activities, as well as some great locations and facilities for meetings and conferences.


Chiapa de CorzoDuring the last decade, Chiapas has been the focal point of intense economic development. The cities that have benefited the most are Tuxtla Gutierrez, capital of the State, Tapachula and Comitan, where there is the opportunity to get involved with all kinds of eco-touristic activities, or enjoy marvelous views of the Sumidero Canyon, the Tacana Volcano and the Montebello lakes.

Chiapas, MexicoWe also find towns rich in history that mix traditions and culture with folklore and hospitality, which is the key characteristic of the people of Chiapas. There is an abundance of tourist attractions of incomparable beauty and amazing diversity in the flora and fauna. This excellent variety of activities not only provides adventurous days, but relaxation as well, which all add up for a well rounded view of the magical place that is Chiapas.

The areas famous for wonderful landscapes include a group of destinations (Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapa de Corzo, San Cristobal de las Casas, Comitan, Palenque, Tonala and Tapachula) and make this State just like paradise, providing the visitor with an array of places to choose from.

Natural Beauty

Natural BeautiesTo talk about Chiapas is to talk about one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. The lush green fields, forest and jungles, the fresh air, its unique flora and fauna, the endangered species and much more are all clear examples of the abundant natural wonders that fill this amazing state.

ChiapasThe Sumidero Canyon is a geological fault formed millions of years ago. The journey through the Canyon, that confines the Grijalva River, is considered one of the most spectacular in Mexico. The El Chorreadero (which name alludes to the way in which the water cascades from a 25 meter-high cave onto the forest floor), the Agua Azul and Aguacero Cascades, and the Montebello Lakes, are just a few of the many beautiful places waiting to be explored in this magical region.

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