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Modern day Chetumal was founded in the 20th century, and is a relatively young city that owes its recent growth in part to shopping. Here you'll find imported goods sold at a great price due to its proximity to the duty free zone. Midway through the 20th century, when it became the government seat for the state of Quintana Roo, the city started to flourish and to have more purchasing power.

One of the best places to go shopping in Chetumal is at the border with Belize, an area that sees lots of commercial activity the whole year round. Here you can buy imported goods in hundreds of stores, with everything available from clothes to liquor, completely tax free.

In Chetumal you can also find beautiful handicrafts. In fact, the manufacturing of products used for clothing, religion, and the arts, has always been one of many Mayan traditions. Today the same techniques from days gone by are still being used, having been passed down from generation to generation. o have more purchasing power.


Chetumal HandicraftsCurrently handicrafts are of utmost importance in the development of the region, because it is a way to help keep the Mayan culture alive. The predominant handicrafts in the region are textiles, in which beautiful figures are sown, or natural dyes are applied. Another typical handicraft from the region is the carving of ostrich eggs to make jewelry boxes, or the use of pink conches to make charming lamps. It is also possible to find items made with fine tropical woods.

Belize Free Zone

Shopping in the Belize Free ZoneThe Belize border is located just minutes away from downtown Chetumal. Crossing the border you'll find the Belize Free Zone, where there are hundreds of stores selling tax-free merchandise and services. This is very attractive for people from the region and even for people from neighboring states. Before you go to Belize, it is highly recommended that you verify the amounts and types of products that you can bring back into Mexico.

Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas ChetumalThis shopping mall has a large number of stores offering a wide variety of products. The complex features a cinema, a restaurant area and fast food outlets, as well as a diverse array of services.




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