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There are countless attractions to see in Chetumal. You'll find culture, fascinating history, and architecture, as well as adventure and natural beauty in the surrounding region. Plan a trip into the wild or the archeological sites, and admire the stunning natural scenery that the state of Quintana Roo has to offer.

Enjoy the charming solitude of the bay, sail on the river Rio Hondo, or go to Bacalar and visit the eco-archeological sites in the Kohunlich and Dzibanchen areas. Whether by land or sea, you can have an incredible adventure in Chetumal! state of Quintana Roo has to offer. 

The Boulevard

The Boulevard in ChetumalThe Boulevard is the main meeting point where the locals like to relax, exercise, and hang out. Featuring a fantastic view of the bay, this coastal avenue stretches for more than three miles from the Renacimiento Park to the Quintana Roo University. Along the way you'll find restaurants, clubs, parks, and other entertainment options. Enjoy contact with the outdoors, savor a refreshing ice cream, or have fun at the music concerts that are held on the avenue.

City Museum

Chetumal City MuseumThis museum, on the grounds of the Instituto Quintanarroense de la Cultura (Quintana Roo Cultural Institute), one of the oldest buildings in Chetumal, was created to preserve and tell the history of the city. It has six galleries displaying historic documents, photographs, furniture, weapons, and other artifacts that depict a past of fighting for the growth and well-being of the city.

Mayan Culture Museum

Mayan Culture Museum in ChetumalThis museum teaches you about an extraordinary civilization that survived for more than two thousand years. With the help of modern technology, the museum lets you get close to this culture that has stood the test of time, as the wisdom of the Mayans has been preserved in the region to this day. This museum is recognition of the artistic inspiration and knowledge of the Mayans. Visiting the city's museums is just one of the activities not to be missed during your vacation in Chetumal!


Biouniverzoo in ChetumalThis small nature reserve is located in a fast-growing area in the north of the city, on Avenida Insurgentes. Its lush green areas are ideal for relaxing walks as you discover the region's plants and animals, some of which are in danger of extinction. The animals are located in settings similar to their natural habitat; there are none of the traditional cages on show. The reserve also offers guided evening tours to see the many nocturnal species.


Bacalar TravelBacalar is a sleepy town with pre-Hispanic origins, located about 20 minutes north of Chetumal, that was founded about 500 AD by the Itza Mayans. The region also served as a point for unloading and loading merchandise on route to Honduras and Guatemala.

The San Felipe Bacalar Fortress was built in 1727 to protect the area after the town suffered repeated pirate attacks from Caribbean and European smugglers and privateers. Today it is a wonderful museum that displays close to 300 years of history featuring Mayans, Spaniards, and pirates, as well as pre-Hispanic and colonial artifacts.

Bacalar ChetumalThe saltwater of the Caribbean Sea mixes with freshwater in the town's beautiful lagoon, which is also known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors or the Rainbow Lagoon. This combination has created different tones of blues and greens that light up in the sunshine. Featuring abundant mangroves and lush vegetation, it is a perfect place to enjoy boat tours and water sports, especially scuba diving. The lagoon has underwater caves and tunnels that connect it to the sea, making it ideal for any fan of diving.

Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul in ChetumalLocated near Bacalar Lagoon, Cenote Azul is an amazing display of nature. This magical place is an obligatory stop for fans of scuba diving, as it is a challenging site to dive because of its depth, enormous size, and characteristics. You can plan dives in different areas to explore every corner of the sinkhole, making for an unforgettable experience. sports, especially scuba diving. The lagoon has underwater caves and tunnels that connect it to the sea, making it ideal for any fan of diving.


DzibancheDzibanche is located about an hour from Chetumal and is considered to be the most important Mayan settlement in southern Quintana Roo. The impressive, beautiful buildings are loyal witnesses of the complexity of the Mayan sociopolitical system and are excellent examples of the architectural development of the area. During your tour you'll see the Dinteles Temple, which has a base with ornate bodies in a sloped shelf design, built in a way similar to Teotihuacan. At the top you can see a very-well preserved temple that dates back to the year 554 AD.

Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve

Banco Chinchorro Biosphere ReserveThis reserve is located on Mexico's Caribbean coast near Chetumal. Here you'll find numerous shipwrecks along four sandbanks, including Cayo Norte, Cayo Centro, and Cayo Lobos. There are a wide variety of wildlife, sea life and coral to explore here, making this ships graveyard and diver's paradise, well worth a visit.


KohunlichLess than 40 miles from Chetumal you'll find the most studied archeological site in southern Quintana Roo, Kohunlich. It is a fascinating place to visit featuring architectural treasures like Templo de los Mascarones (Temple of the Masks), the building with the highest symbolic and ritual importance at the site. Other highlights include the Ya'axna group, the oldest at the settlement, as well as Plaza de las Estelas and Acropolis. A number of residential buildings have been found in this area, which were originally occupied by the governing elite, including the sites 27 Escalones and Pixa'an.

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