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Chetumal is a small, charming city. Whether you're walking or cycling, you can enjoy the view along its long boulevard, where the combination of the breeze and birdsong makes it an unforgettable experience. Here you enjoy many festivals and traditions, the abundant plant and wildlife, the lagoons, and the mystical archeological sites that can be found nearby.

The "Old Chetumal" district, in the downtown area, stands out for its romantic English colonial-style houses made with beautiful woods and roofs of corrugated sheets painted in red. Avenida Insurgentes, in the north of the city, is where you'll find most of the recent urban development, including shopping malls, universities, and tourist attractions. On the other hand, the boulevard or coastal road is the epicenter of the city's night and social life.

Birthplace of the "Mestizo"

Chetumal, Birthplace of the Many important events happened in Chetumal, from the start of the Spanish conquest to the fall of the Mayan empire. An old legend tells the tale that this was where the Spanish soldier Gonzalo Guerrero married the Mayan princess Zazil Ha, and together they had the first "mestizo" children in history. This is why Chetumal is also known as the Birthplace of the "Mestizo".

Chetumal and Belize: Two Places United

Chetumal and Belize: Two Places UnitedChetumal and Belize link Mexico with Central America, which is why they have shared a lot since their foundation, including cuisine, architecture, music, and traditions. Reggae, Zanebay (a type of Samba) and Punta Rock (a mix of English and African lyrics) are the musical genres adopted by the locals, while passacaglia and calabaceado are popular dance styles in the region.

The fact that the people of Belize go to Chetumal to make the most of the clinics, schools, shopping, shows, and other services, has strengthened the links between them. Belize also has a duty free zone where people from Chetumal usually go to buy clothes, electronics, and other imported goods.

Chetumal Profile

  • State capital of Quintana Roo
  • Peaceful, small city with a laid-back lifestyle
  • Birthplace of the "Mestizo"
  • English-style architecture in downtown areas
  • Eco-tourism and archeological sites in the surrounding areas
  • Mayan roots reflected in the customs, vocabulary, and cuisine
  • A charming bay with a beautiful coastal road
  • Affordable lodging with a tendency towards business hotels
  • Shared cultural elements with Belize

Things to Do in Chetumal

  • Go for a walk on the boardwalk, enjoy an ice cream, or just relax and admire the view of the bay
  • Explore the downtown area and see the typical romantic English colonial style architecture
  • Go to the museums to find about the city's history and the legacy of the Mayan civilization in the region
  • Visit the nearby archeological sites and discover the Mayan world first-hand
  • Explore the picturesque nearby towns like Calderitas and Bacalar, with their unique cuisines and recreational activities
  • Snorkel or scuba dive on the Chetumal coast, especially at Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve
  • Go shopping in the Belize Free Zone to purchase tax-free imported goods at great prices
  • Try the traditional "rice and beans", a dish with Belizean influences that includes exotic ingredients like coconut milk and fried bananas
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