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Celaya VacationsCelaya is a major business destination in the north of Mexico, connected to the most important cities in the country by a highway network. It's known in Spanish as Puerta de Oro del Bajio, which roughly translates to the Golden Gateway to the Lowlands, and is the home of large multi-national companies and distribution centers.

Although primarily a business destination, the city has also maintained its roots of farming, agriculture and artisanal crafts. A prime example of this is the Cajeta de Celaya, a type of caramel that is a favorite dessert of Mexicans on a national scale. With a strong economic base, a rich history found in the many old buildings, and its proximity to beautiful colonial cities, such as Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, Celaya is an excellent starting point to explore the Mexican Lowlands.

Business in Celaya

Celaya TourismDue to its excellent geographic location, the economy of Celaya has experienced a real boom period. There has been a great deal of foreign investment in the city, taking advantage of this strong economic market, and they've found a wealth of highly qualified employees from the local universities.

Along with being connected to the ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, Celaya is also the point where the train network, Ferromex, connects with the line Ferroviaria Kansas City, enabling easy export north by land to the United States. In conjunction with the many types of business located here, Celaya also has an excellent meeting and convention infrastructure, including the renowned trade fair site Foro Expositor de Celaya, that spans over 70 acres complete with bars and restaurants.

A Little Bit of History

Celaya HistoryCelaya is the site of many of Mexico's important historic events, including the Mexican Independence and the Revolution. On September 21st, 1810, the city fell peacefully to Miguel Hidalgo and his insurgent army. Here, Miguel Hidalgo was given the title Captain General, while Ignacio Allende was promoted to Lieutenant General. They then headed off to Guanajuato, where they secured another important victory at the battle of Alhondiga de Granaditas.

In 1915, the revolutionary troops of Francisco Villa, encamped in Irapuato, clashed with the Constitutional forces of Alvaro Obregon, in the city of Celaya. The battle had two stages, which ended with the demise of Villa because of inconsistencies in his strategy, which Obregon took advantage of.

Celaya Travel

During the time of Porfirio Diaz, Celaya was chosen to form part of the two rail network projects in Mexico. This is when the city became an important link in the national logistics chain, which was reinforced when major highways also connected the area to other important cities, in the 1960s.

Celaya Profile

  • Major producer of the favorite Mexican caramel candy called "cajeta".
  • Famous for its beautiful artisanal paper mache creations.
  • Important business destination and home to international companies.
  • Major logistics point, with national and international trade routes.
  • The site of important events in Mexico's history, including the Independence and Revolution.

Things to Do in Celaya

  • Try a delicious caramel candy made of cajeta and take some home as souvenirs
  • Take a walk through the Alameda neighborhood or Plaza de Armas and buy a traditional ice cream or pork-rind "durito"
  • Take a photo of the "Bola de Agua" water tower, the iconic symbol of the city
  • Try the delicious fast food snack "Gorditas de Tierras Negras"
  • Spend an afternoon in Xochipilli Park enjoying the fresh air
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