Caxias do Sul, Brazil

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Restaurants in Caxias do Sul

Restaurants in Caxias do Sul

The restaurants in Caxias do Sul offer a wide variety of flavors, sweets, drinks and traditional dishes. The city is particularly well-known for its "cantinas" and "galeterias", venues serving up incredible recipes combining mouthwatering cuisine from all over southern Brazil as well as traditional Italian dishes brought to the city by its European founders.

Something for Everyone

Restaurants in Caxias do Sul

In the city's downtown area, there are incredible rustic eateries as well as gourmet restaurants featuring Japanese, Mediterranean and American cuisine, and much more.

On the outskirts of Caxias do Sul, you'll come across restaurants serving traditional homemade dishes prepared in a wood-fired oven, topped with special seasonings to create unique flavors and aromas. Some of these venues are set on small haciendas and vineyards, offering travelers the opportunity to try exquisite local artisan wines.

Italian Cuisine

Restaurants in Caxias do Sul

In Caxias do Sul, a visit to an Italian restaurant is an absolute must. In the local galeterias and cantinas, you can try old recipes passed down by the city's colonial founders, whose descendents cook in the most traditional Italian style. The pastas, carpaccios, cannellonis and other dishes have also been enriched with local ingredients like the area's famous polenta and galeto (a type of chicken dish), giving a unique touch to the city's cuisine.

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