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Nightlife in Caxias do Sul

Nightlife in Caxias do Sul

Apart from clubs, discos and bars, there are also other types of attractions, like the Espectaculo de Luz (the Light Show), which you can see at night and is an unforgettable experience.

Agua Doce Cachacaria

Agua Doce Cachacaria en Caxias do Sul

This is an excellent option if you want to sample the typical refreshing beverages from Brazil and Caxias do Sul. There is also delicious fare, as well as a cozy ambiance.

Pepsi Club

Pepsi Club in Caxias do Sul

For those who appreciate a good vibe with excellent electronic music, the Pepsi Club is the perfect spot. With the elegance and the beauty of the people of southern Brazil, fun and entertainment are guaranteed at this nightclub.

Boteco 13

Boteco 13 in Caxias do Sul

The Boteco 13 is a cozy spot with a hint of "carioca" (meaning "from Rio de Janeiro") in the air. It is a well-frequented place that is ideal for kicking back and enjoying a savory bite to eat of typical Brazilian finger foods, accompanied by refreshing beverages.

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