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Welcome to Cartagena, Colombia: Travel info

Welcome to Cartagena, Colombia

The warm, colorful and exciting city of Cartagena overlooks the immense Caribbean Sea. Twelve miles of extraordinary beaches, nearly uninterrupted sunshine and an ideal temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year make this city an attractive destination for thousands of tourists every year.

Cartagena is full of charming sites and activities. Here, you can visit nearby islands full of tropical wildlife, and snorkel or dive in a vibrant underwater paradise. Immerse yourself in a labyrinth of streets and alleyways of the beautiful walled-in colonial city, which holds nearly five centuries of history among its strongholds, historic buildings and picturesque plazas. The unique city of Cartagena offers all this and much more to visitors that want to enjoy amazing beaches, culture, music, entertainment and excitement on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

As the host of numerous important international conferences, Cartagena isn't just a main destination in Colombia; it's also a valuable metropolis with hierarchy, nobility and tons of historic importance, both old and modern. This Caribbean city features a fascinating historic district that is included on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites, inducted in 1984 due to its authentic folklore and characteristic Creole culture that began here centuries ago.

Cartagena, Point of Entry

Welcome to Cartagena

In the times of the conquista, Cartagena was an entry port for the Spanish ships coming into what is now Colombian territory, making this city one of the most important ports in the Americas during the colonial period. The location was so influential and valuable that Cartagena had to be protected by fortresses, high walls and armies due to the constant pirate attacks. These pirates hunted in the Sea of the Antilles during the time when ships would come and go between Spain and the viceroyalties in the New World.

Today, this same geographic importance allows the city to continue to grow. Cartagena is a main source of income for the country of Colombia, receiving cargos of merchandise from numerous foreign countries. It has also become an important tourist destination, with around 150 cruise ships visiting every year.

Jewel of Colombia

Cartagena Vacations

Cartagena holds the number one position among popular Colombian tourist destinations. This isn't surprising considering the large amount of incredible natural landscapes and man-made creations. The city is ideal for anyone in search of a complete vacation, since it doesn't offer just beaches or culture: it's the perfect mixture of both.

The original city of Cartagena is contained within protective walls, where you'll find most of the local historic attractions, especially the old houses: colonial, colorful, and decorated with balconies sticking out from the facades. Once outside the old wall, the horizon suddenly becomes adorned with a set of modern skyscrapers, as if time had magically moved hundreds of years into the future. Most of these vanguard buildings of the so-called "new part" house Cartagena's hotels, offering multiple accommodation styles along with modern convention centers.

Summit Location

Conventions in Cartagena

When speaking of summits, it's not just because Cartagena is surrounded by mountains. This city has also served, on multiple occasions, as the backdrop for important economic and diplomatic conferences on a worldwide level. Internationally recognized personalities have visited the city, including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

The large, influential summits held among heads of state, financial specialists, and scientific scholars have taken place in the modern conventions facilities offered in this Caribbean city. For this reason, Cartagena is often considered as an alternative, symbolic capital of Colombia. The amazing destination of Cartagena receives some of Colombia's most influential visitors.

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