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Restaurants in Campinas, Brazil: Traditional dishes and more!

Restaurants in Campinas, Brazil

In Campinas, the cuisine is an attraction in and of itself so put aside some time to discover restaurants and learn more about their delicious specialties. Sweets deserve a mention of their own and you can find them on every corner. Don't worry if you come back a few pounds heavier; because Brazilians love to eat, there is no way you can resist the draw of their cuisine.

Crepe Suzette Buffet

Crepe Suzette, Campinas

Find the real flavors of France here. There are more than 80 different types of crepes, both savory and sweet. The specialty of the house is the Mexican crepe, prepared with beef, corn, bell peppers and salsa. The dessert recommendation is Crepes Suzette, covered in an orange juice flambe. If you are visiting during the winter, try the soup, fondue and cream menu.

Battataria Suiza

Battataria Suiza

The "batata suiza" is a potato stuffed with a variety of delicious ingredients, like beef, chicken and even vegetarian fillings. The size of the potato was previously an individual portion but seeing as that many love-stricken couples would come to the restaurant, there are now larger potatoes with much more filling. While you enjoy these savory dishes, you can listen to excellent jazz and bossa nova live.

Churrascaria Barbacoa

Churrascaria Barbacoa

This place is considered a standard if it's beef that strikes your fancy. The quality of their 23 different cuts from Brazilian, Argentinean and Uruguayan suppliers is extraordinary. The seasoning of the meat comes only from sea salt and the cuts are char-broiled on volcanic rock. There is also a salad and cheese buffet and an extensive beer menu, with more than 30 different brands.

Bellini Ristorante

Bellini Ristorante

A very modern ambiance with a space lit by natural light and walls covered with beautiful plants all make the Bellini a very special place. This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Campinas and there are over 50 different menu options. Don't miss out!

Le Troquet

Le Troquet, Campinas

Run by chef and owner Henri Sauveur Hirigoyen, everything on the menu down to the design detail of the restaurant was done personally by him. There is a dance floor in the bar area, the main room area surrounded by a garden and a brook and even a cellar with about 800 bottles of wine. The specialty of the house is French cuisine, with their popular profiteroles for dessert (mini cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and covered with melted chocolate).

Artesanalli Massas and Molhos

Artesanalli Massas and Molhos

Specializing in Italian cuisine, this restaurant makes its own pasta the old fashioned way, which guarantees its quality. There is a cozy atmosphere and a team of professionals with a wide experience in gastronomy and service.

Desserts and Sweets

Sobremesas e Doces

Campinas is filled with options where you can enjoy a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are also a variety of places filled with the most exquisite sweets. After you've finished eating, come to any one of these locales for a coffee and some Brazilian cake. Here are some options:

  • Havanna Cafe
  • Dolder
  • Emporio Santa Therezinha
  • Giovannetti
  • Sonho de Verao

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