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Welcome to Campinas

Campinas is the area of Sao Paolo that has benefitted most from the general progress of the state, as it has developed into an urban metropolis, and is also known as the Brazilian Silicon Valley. It is a modern city that has the infrastructure to provide both residents and tourists with recreational and business opportunities. Campinas awaits you with an endless amount of places and attractions to get to know and enjoy.


Welcome to Campinas

Campinas is located in the northeast of the state of Sao Paolo and has a tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 22°C/71°F. Due to the constant breeze that flows through the flatlands of the area, the city has very little air pollution and smog.

It has a lot of lush parks, wooded areas, and delightful squares. These green recreational areas contribute to the high quality of life of locals. The most popular place to go is "Lagoa do Taqueral" (Bamboo Grove Lagoon), which puts on a variety of cultural and sporting activities at your disposal. It is where a lot of the local people spend their free time, mainly on the weekends.

Campinas is close to neighboring cities and provides easy access to local tourist attractions such as "A Serra do Japi" (the Japi Mountains), an impressive nature reserve with crashing waterfalls and beautiful hiking trails. Nearby, you can also find Holambra, known as "The Flower City" due to its stature as one of the largest producers and exporters of flowers in Brazil.

Economy and Development

Welcome to Campinas

Although the city was founded in the first half of the 18th century, it was in the latter half that the city economy and politics started to grow, thanks to the sugar, coffee and cane plantations that dominated the countryside. The economy continued to grow and the city rapidly assumed the position as the leading producer in the state, and went through a period of intense modernization in terms of its methods of production and transportation.

Campinas, São Paulo

Over the last 20 years, Campinas' role in the national industry has grown and grown, and it has become one of the main manufacturing centers in Brazil. Nowadays it provides a third of the total industrial production of the state, specializing in metallurgical production and the latest technology. Because of this, Viracopos International Airport, the city's airport, has become one of the largest in Latin America with respect to the international traffic of goods.

Business and Events

Teatro Arena, Campinas

Campinas is one of the main Brazilian conference destinations. More than five thousand events are held here every year, with an average of two million participants.

In addition to business conferences, there are multicultural festivals, arts and craft events, concerts, theater productions, as well as celebrations in the Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, American, French and Spanish communities.

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