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Handicrafts and Textiles

Handicrafts and Textiles Campeche

The people of Campeche are known for being skilled with their hands, and the state is famous for its hammocks and rocking chairs, two very common items found in homes located throughout the hot climate of southeastern Mexico. Wooden handicrafts are also popular Campeche souvenirs as are boat replicas of various sizes, including ships in bottles, which are a testament to the skills of the local artisans.

Other souvenirs include earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from seashells and small snail shells. You’ll also find straw hats, jipi hats and cool cotton outfits to protect you from the sun as you walk through the historic center or the boardwalk.

Campeche ShoppingSan Francisco Koben is just 15 minutes away from downtown Campeche and has a large number of establishments dedicated to the sale of affordable handicrafts and hammocks. Traveling to this small town is easy and convenient if you rent a car and take the highway leading to Calkini and Merida.

Galerias Campeche

Campeche Malls

The Galerias Campeche shopping mall is one of the most modern in the city. It is on the boardwalk and offers excellent views of the Gulf of Mexico along with exclusive shops and brand name products. During your visit, make sure you head up to the terrace to take a photo of the beautiful ocean scenery.



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