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Campeche CuisineThe people of Campeche traditionally prepare delicious meals that mainly consist of seafood. Shark is a very popular ingredient and you can find it in tacos, empanadas and of course the famous “pan de cazon”, which you should definitely try at least once during your visit. Shrimp is also a popular menu item and can be enjoyed in cocktails, breaded, served with coconut, garlic or broth and in ceviche. Octopus and crab are also found in much of the traditional local cuisine.

Local cuisine also features a variety of fish, including porgy, pompano, cod, snoek, northern red snapper and bass, to mention just a few. They are often exquisitely seasoned with chile x’catic or recado rojo, although many diners prefer these dishes when they are simply fried and served with rice, tortillas or a lettuce salad with tomato and habanero sauce.

Campeche Typical CuisineThe hearty local cuisine has had an obvious influence on Yucatecan dishes like roast suckling pig, beans with pork and tamales wrapped in banana leaves. Take care when ordering traditional snacks, as in Campeche what is known as panucho is called salbutes by the Yucatecans.

Trancas are similar to tortas, except they are made with French bread and are filled with roast suckling pig or grilled turkey. Establishments known as “tranquerias” are usually full at breakfast and dinner time. Don’t miss out on your chance to try one of these delicious sandwiches!

Whether you’re in the downtown area or on the boardwalk, you can’t explore Campeche without sampling some of its traditional dishes.

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