Cali, Colombia

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Shopping in Cali: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Cali, Colombia

Cali has numerous tourist attractions but it is also perfect to go shopping. A great variety of modern and large shopping malls are located in various areas mainly in the famous "Avenida Sexta" (Sixth Avenue) in the north of Cali. Most of the shopping malls in Cali also offer areas for your fun and entertainment, as well as restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Cali shopping malls have health and beauty centers, as well as spas due to the fact that this extraordinary city has an important health and beauty industry. Don't miss the opportunity of visiting at least one of the health and beauty centers located in most of the shopping malls. When traveling to Cali, purchase a great variety of products such as leather items, jewelry, shoes and clothing. There are many lovely items and handicrafts that you can buy as souvenirs of your stay in this charming city.

La Loma de la Cruz Park

Shopping in Cali, Colombia

This area has been around a long time and still preserves its colonial charm. There are a lot of stores, offering all kinds of handicrafts such as textiles, leather items, iron souvenirs, carved wood souvenirs and many other handicrafts that reflect the culture of Cali. Enjoy shows by local artists that take place in this park.


Shopping in Cali, Colombia

Restaurants, book stores, boutiques, sporting goods, electronic devices and exclusive stores like Tommy Hilfiger, Tous, Kenneth Cole, Carolina Herrera and other brands are just some of the different options you will have when you go shopping. Unicentro features an event room, an entertainment area for the whole family and a casino.

Chipichape Shopping Center

Shopping in Cali, Colombia

This is located in the north of the city and features an excellent location close to the airport and downtown. This shopping center offers more than 500 stores where all kinds of items are sold, from lovely handicrafts to stores selling international brands. Chipichape has medical and beauty centers, as well as a food court, a playground area and movie theatres.

Palmetto Plaza

Shopping in Cali, Colombia

This modern shopping mall features stores that sell clothes for the whole family, sporting goods, perfume and cosmetics, books, jewelry, shoes, and a great variety of different products. Palmetto Plaza also has bars and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Cosmocentro Shopping Mall

Shopping in Cali, Colombia

Located south of the city, this shopping mall is one of much tradition since it was the first shopping mall built in Cali. This commercial establishment has a lot of stores offering souvenirs, clothing, electrical appliances, banks and all kinds of items. Cosmocentro features a food court and an area where you can watch live shows of musical bands.

Holguines Trade Center

Shopping in Cali, Colombia

This is a great option to go shopping if you are in the south of the city. A great variety of stores selling all kinds of clothing, jewelry, photo items, and health and beauty centers are located in this shopping mall which offers the best in fashion, fun and culture.

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