Buzios, Brazil

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Shopping in Buzios, Brazil: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Buzios, Brazil

When traveling to this beautiful destination, don't forget to take home a wonderful souvenir that you can buy in the excellent shops and boutiques of this city. You'll find various decorative elements and even exclusive articles of clothing and works of art. Because it is a small city, there aren't many shopping centers but there are several complexes of boutiques, designed especially to create a sense of tranquility and comfortable exclusivity that all shoppers look for when on a spree. Don't forget to put on your most comfortable shoes when you go to these shops because the day will seem short as you go from store to store.

Cabo Frio

Shopping in Buzios, Brazil

This city is located 18 miles away from downtown Buzios. This is a great place to buy high quality bed sheets, comforters and towels, among other such items, at competitive prices. You'll be showing off your curtains or table cloths, made in Brazil and bought in Buzios. There are also many shops where you can buy bikinis that are unique in design and of good quality, definitely an article that should be on your list of items to buy during your visit to Brazil, especially if you're in the beach destinations like Buzios, Cabo Frio or Rio de Janeiro.

Rua das Pedras

Shopping in Buzios, Brazil

This street is simply the most famous area in Buzios if you want to take a stroll and return to your hotel, laden with bags filled with exclusive brand name items. On this stone-paved street, you'll find many fine boutiques and excellent novelties of the city. There are also some shops that sell products like the very well-known "cachaca" of various flavors as well as handmade items with nautical motifs. Art galleries can also be found here and they display the work by local artists. Come and take a stroll around the area and you'll definitely find serious bargains that are truly worth it.

Rua Turibe de Farias

Shopping in Buzios, Brazil

This is a cobblestone street that runs parallel to the Rua das Pedras and is the meeting point where locals and tourists go to purchase all sorts of goods in the form of grocery stores, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, markets and travel agencies, among many other businesses, with popular items at competitive prices. This street is the best option if you're shopping for good handmade items at excellent prices.

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