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Restaurants in Buzios, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Buzios Brazil

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Buzios other than through its attractions, beaches and stunning landscapes. You can savor delicious dishes from all around the world in a number of places, since you can find many different types of cuisine, as result of the cosmopolitan growth that tourism has brought. You will find excellent options in food such as the French, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Argentinean, etc.

The Rua das Pedras Street is considered the gastronomic Babel of Buzios because most of the international restaurants are located here. There are also options all around the peninsula that are magnificent venues where you can enjoy incredible dishes, whether you're on the beach or in the city.

Every year, at the "Degusta Buzios Festival" (Taste Buzios Festival), some restaurants offer samplers of their newest dishes at very affordable prices, providing generous buffets for both visitors and locals. But there are also the classic Brazilian venues where you can pay by the pound for everything you eat. You can also find delicatessens, self service venues, sushi bars, churrascarias and even "da rua" food (street food) such as fried potatoes and "cachorros quentes" (hot dogs). The possibilities are endless.


Restaurants in Buzios Brazil

For those who love venturing into fine new flavors and the exclusive gastronomic proposals of experienced chefs, Buzios is a magnificent place to satisfy every whim. In the Rua das Pedras, there are several gourmet restaurants that offer original creations as well as international specialties of French, Thai and other cuisines. Some of these restaurants are the following:

  • Brigitta's (International)
  • Cigalon (French)
  • Estancia Don Juan (International)
  • Patio Havana (International)
  • Sawasdee (Thai)
  • Chez Michou (Creperie)

Brazilian Cuisine

Restaurants in Buzios Brazil

The unique flavor of every city in Brazil can be best appreciated by trying out every single dish. Don't hold back when ordering a delicious feijoada with a tasty farofa, or a Brazilian fricase, creme de milho (sweet corn soup) or an "arroz com feijao" (rice and beans), and savor the exquisite taste of Brazilian food. These are a few of the places you can go to try some of these wonderful dishes:

  • Anexo Bar e Restaurante
  • Cantina Do David
  • Bistro da Baiana

International Specialties

Restaurants in Buzios Brazil

The city of Buzios pleases every whim that tourists and locals have. That is why many specialized restaurants have been opened, offering food from many countries. Among the different cuisine styles you can find the Italian, Asian, French, Thai, etc. Here are some of the restaurants offered:

  • Parvati (Pizzas and Italian food)
  • Bar do Ze (International)
  • Shiitake (Asian)
  • Cigalon (French)
  • Sawasdee (Thai)


Restaurants in Buzios Brazil

The active fishing production of Buzios provides excellent seafood that is always guaranteed to be fresh. You can try dishes as varied as lobsters, sea urchins, oysters, mussels and fish, prepared in several ways. The places mentioned below are some of the best known:

  • Anexo's Bar e Restaurante
  • Cantina Do David
  • Tartaruga
  • Satyricon
  • Fishbone Cafe
  • Osso Perdido

Budget Meals

Restaurants in Buzios Brazil

If you are traveling on a limited budget, Buzios has wonderful options for you, without you having to spend a fortune. There are restaurants with "comida a quilo" (food by the kilo), where you pay nothing more than what your food weights. There are also several self service restaurants with both regional and international dishes. And of course you can also find street booths, burger venues, bistros, as well as hot cakes, pizzas, etc. The following restaurants are a few options for budget meals:

  • Boom (By Weight)
  • Buzin (Self Service)
  • A Pomba (Regional)

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