Buzios, Brazil

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Nightlife in Buzios, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Buzios, Brazil

Along with enjoying the warm evenings of Buzios, you should definitely experience the vibrant and exciting nightlife. During the day, the streets are alive with the rhythm of music coming from the restaurants and bars, which oftentimes turn into clubs at night. With plenty of dance music, drinks, food, and fun, the possibilities for nighttime entertainment in Buzios are endless. There is always something going on to suit all tastes.

Rua das Pedras

Nightlife in Buzios, Brazil

This is definitely the heart of the nightlife in Buzios. Along the length of this street, there are all sorts of clubs, bars, restaurants, discos, and shows guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience. Famous for its fantastic nightlife, this street's cosmopolitan vibe attracts locals and tourists from all over the world, who party together until the wee hours of the morning.

  • Captain's Bar - Soft music and an extensive drinks menu.
  • Ponto Bar - Classic rock music mixed by excellent DJs along with an array of drinks and cocktails.
  • Patio Havana - Jazz, blues, Brazilian pop music, and a live band. They also have a smoking room and wine cellar.
  • Anexo's Bar - An open-air lounge bar overlooking the ocean.
  • Zapata - Mexican food and music.
  • Cafe do Cinema - Live music, good drinks and snacks.
  • Chez Michou - Crepes and a variety of drinks and cocktails.
  • A Estalagem - Live local bands.
  • Taj Majal - An amazing entertainment complex that includes seven bars and two disco

The Beaches

Nightlife in Buzios, Brazil

With a very relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, the nightlife in Buzios really gets going at sunset. There are a number of small inns and restaurants on the beach and people usually go there to watch the breathtaking sunset and enjoy the warm evenings. Unlike other big cosmopolitan cities, simply looking at the moonlight dancing on the water or dining beside the ocean brings you closer to nature in Buzios. For the best nightlife on the beach, go to Playa Ossos, Tartaruga, Ferradura, or Geriba.

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