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Welcome to Buzios Brazil

The peninsula known as Armacao dos Buzios is located about 100 miles east of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It's a beautiful beach destination that draws in Brazilians and foreign tourists looking to enjoy a calm, tranquil vacation in one of the area's many hotels. Buzios stands out from the rest due to its excellent climate and amazing beaches, where visitors can swim, try water sports and beach sports, and experience the kind local hospitality, which makes visiting this destination even warmer than it already is.

A wide variety of sculptors, writers, musicians and practitioners of alternative spa treatments have settled on this peninsula, taking advantage of the surroundings to become inspired by the beautiful energy of the natural setting. A large infrastructure for business tourism has also been developed, including amazing convention centers and high quality services.


Welcome to Buzios Brazil

The city of Buzios is a five-mile-long peninsula. For many, it gives the sensation of being on a separate island lined with 23 beaches. The water is warmer on the northern side due to currents from the equator, and the water on the southern side is typically cool due to currents from the South Pole. The regional climate is usually moderate and humid throughout the year, with light variations in temperature, ranging from 83 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer (November through April) to 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

Welcome to Buzios Brazil

You can get to Buzios by plane in an air taxi (whose costs may vary depending on the number of people) or by land in a two-hour transport from Rio de Janeiro. Due to its geographic location, Buzios can also be reached by sea, so don't rule out the idea of arriving by sailboat, motor boat, or a transatlantic vessel making a stop on the peninsula.


Welcome to Buzios Brazil

This peninsula was originally occupied by the native Tamoio people until colonization by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. A century later, it was taken over by French and Dutch pirates who traded slaves and local products. After abolishing slavery, former slaves settled in the area, living together with the native people. In the eighteenth century, the peninsula became an important area for fishermen and whalers, who extracted whale fat to use as fuel, to the point where these animals almost became extinct.

Welcome to Buzios Brazil

It wasn't until 1964, that this peninsula gained worldwide fame after being discovered by French actress Brigitte Bardot, who visited this city while on vacation; so, with no previous planning, she became known as this tourist destination's patroness. Since then, the population has traded in fishing for high quality tourism, drawing in famous personalities from all over the world, including actors, athletes, politicians and even European royalty.

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Welcome to Buzios Brazil

Ecotourism is one of this city's main attractions since its geography and wildlife make it a true paradise for nature lovers. Buzios is also an excellent destination for those who enjoy playing sports in stunning natural environments; you can try scuba diving, sailing, mountain biking, paragliding, and many more exciting activities. Of course, the beaches are a popular spot for hanging out, entertainment and sports, giving Buzios a privileged spot among the best tourist destinations in Brazil.

Welcome to Buzios Brazil

For art lovers, this city is a hotbed for plastic artists, who display their works in the many galleries throughout the city. Buzios also offers many opportunities for music lovers to enjoy nightclubs and restaurants with live musical performances, along with an annual festival called Buzios Blues and Jazz. This festival gains popularity year after year, inviting musicians from all over the world to accompany the city's beautiful natural surroundings with their musical creations.

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