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Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

Brasilia is a very cosmopolitan city, where old more traditional ways blend seamlessly with modern life giving the city a very unique, interesting vibe. This is clearly reflected in the variety of shopping options available for you to enjoy during your business trip or vacation. There are many areas to explore around the city where you can find clothing, interesting food, and souvenirs from all over Brazil

You're definitely going to have your hands full by the time you're done shopping at the numerous malls and boutiques all filled with a fantastic selection of goods. Brasilia has a total of fifteen shopping malls, each with stores offering a wide range of products and many great deals as well.

Patio Brasil

Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

Patio Brasil opened its doors in 1997 and is currently Brasilia's newest and largest shopping mall. With over 25 restaurants and 200 different shops, ranging from bookstores to clothing boutiques and toys stores, there's something for all ages and interests. The shops at Patio Brasil sell a number of Brazilian and international brands and there are also beauty salons, spas and travel agencies. Patio Brasil is less than two miles from downtown Brasilia.

Park Shopping

Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

Park Shopping is another popular shopping mall located on the city's periphery. It features a number of attractions such as movie theatres, a bowling alley, an arcade, an activities center for children, and plenty of luxury stores. The mall also hosts events including art displays, educational exhibitions and different types of contests.

Conjunto Nacional

Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

This is Brasilia's oldest shopping mall, built in 1971. It preserves a more traditional style and has a number of stores which sell exclusively Brazilian products. Regional food can be found at the supermarket and there are plenty of restaurants where local and international dishes are served. If you're looking to bring something Brazilian back with you then Philip Martin, a popular Brazilian brand, has a store in the mall. Books and music by Brazilian artists and authors can be found in its huge bookstore. Conjunto Nacional is located in the north of the city.


Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

Indigenous people from all over the country come to Brasilia to sell their handicrafts and products at the FUNAI (National Foundation for Indigenous Affairs) premises. All products are handmade and the money is used to improve the living conditions of the indigenous people of the rain forest and countryside. Merchants begin putting up their stands at about 9 a.m., so it's recommended you arrive about an hour later. Lots of different products are sold, such as objects made out of wood, ceramics, hand-woven garments and baskets. The cheapest prices can be found inside the fair, however, you can also find a permanent store in the FUNAI building which sells ceramics and baskets at a higher price. Located in the city's downtown area, the fair is easy to get to and fun to explore.

Feira de Artesanato da Toree Televisao

Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

Located below a huge television broadcasting tower, this fair is slightly smaller than FUNAI but still worth visiting. The majority of items on offer here are made in Brazil's northern regions. Open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Galeria dos Estados

Shopping in Brasilia, Brazil

This gallery is located in Brasilia's largest metro station. On the surface, the station has a number of shops and a park with beautiful gardens. Inside the station there is an area called IPHAN (National Artistic and Historic Heritage Institute), which is definitely worth visiting. When the station was designed the intention was to satisfy the growing commercial and financial needs of Brasilia. If you plan on using the metro during your visit then take some time to stop by this beautiful site.

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