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Restaurants in Brasilia, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

In Brasilia, the gastronomic variety is enormous, since cultures with their very distinctive traditional dishes have introduced their customs into the mainstream. Thanks to its location in the central region of Brazil, it is fairly easy to get the majority of the ingredients for dishes from around the country. Furthermore, it is considered that Brasilia has the best international restaurants in all of Brazil.

Among the Brazilian dishes not to be missed during your stay, you must try the freshwater fish of the Amazon, like the roasted "Peixe boi," the succulent "Tucupi" duck (which is cooked in cassava sauce and flavored with wild jambu), or the delicious cuts of meats like the Picanha (also known as rump cover and is what is part of the top sirloin cut) in the many churrasquerias in the city. As you can see, meat is a very important part in the daily diet of Brasilia but you can also find exquisitely fresh vegetarian meals and sweet tropical fruits. Finally, do not forget to try the traditional drink, Capirinha, consisting of cachaca (liquor from a sugar cane), lime juice, sugar and ice.


Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

This restaurant is very famous in Brazil, and has many branches in Salvador, Recife, Joao Pessoa and Sao Paulo. It has some of the most delicious seafood dishes in Brasilia. Its elegant design and delicate decoration fascinate all the visitors who come to dine. If you want to try good food from the rivers and ocean of Brazil, Bargaco is certainly the place for you.


Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

Beirute is a restaurant that has become one of the greatest landmarks in the city. It has been open for more than 40 years and it's almost as old as Brasilia itself! At this restaurant, enjoy a quiet evening eating delicious kebabs and chatting with friends. On Thursdays and Fridays, the place is full, giving you the chance to meet all kinds of people.


Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

Porcao is an impressive restaurant located in one of the most privileged areas of the capital of Brazil, near the embassies and the Ministry of the Chambers (Ministerios e Camaras). It offers about 30 juicy and delicious cuts of beef, lamb and even ostrich meat! Enjoy an incredible lunch or dinner with an unparalleled personal service. Eat all you can with the system of swords (meat skewers). A waiter will offer to place the cuts of meat on your plate until you feel full and turn a small sign your table to let him know that you've had your fill.


Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

Alice is an exclusive and luxurious French restaurant located in a mansion in the heart of the city. Besides serving typical French dishes, you can try Chilean, Argentinean and French wines. The owner and chef is the renowned Alice Mesquita, who's waiting to serve you her best recipes.

Universal Diner

Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

It is considered by the Brazilian magazine "Veja" to be the best international restaurant in Brasilia. Universal Diner was established in 1997 and continues to delight guests with the flavors of international cuisine. The decor of the place is impressive, yet cozy. The chef and owner, Mara Alckamin, will be paying special attention to the smallest details of your meal. On Friday nights, the restaurant turns into a lively club that attracts people of all ages.

Dom Francisco

Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

Dom Francisco is a wonderful restaurant where you can try the finest wines accompanied by some of the most delicious dishes in Brasilia. It has received numerous awards and accolades since its opening in 1988. It has many branches in Brasilia and the establishment in Academia de Tenis has a cellar with 20,000 bottles and 900 different brands. Dining here is a unique experience.

Sagres Restaurant

Restaurants in Brasilia Brazil

The dishes here were carefully selected from a traditional Portuguese menu. The restaurant is very cozy and warm, and has great service. Sagres has decor that is typical of this particular European country and is ideal for groups or the whole family. Enjoy the various types of fish, desserts and a menu of Iberian wines.

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