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Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts, USA

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

In such an interesting city as Boston, it's not uncommon to find a great selection of places to go if you want to party all night. The multicultural party crowd brings an exhilarating change to the refined daily lifestyle of the city. The younger crowd, represented by more than 200 thousand students, charges the atmosphere with infinite energy throughout Boston and the neighboring suburb of Cambridge. The clubs and bars of Boston will exceed all your expectations, serving up cocktails, great music and a really fun time.

After Work

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

After a long day at work, professionals in Boston come to these bars to unwind and enjoy a few drinks. These after work spots often offer specials primarily for executives, but students, tourists and music enthusiasts are also regulars. Many of these bars, offering early evening specials, are located in downtown Boston and in the neighborhood of Back Bay.


  • An Tain
  • Limelight Stage and Studios
  • Radius
  • Red Sky Restaurant and Lounge
  • The Living Room
  • The Place
  • The Vault
  • Tia's
Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

Back Bay

  • Cactus Club
  • City Bar
  • Harvard Gardens
  • Red Hat Cafe
  • Sonsie Restaurant
  • Vox Populi

Beer and More

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

Going for a few beers will always be the perfect excuse to have a good time with friends. Thus, these bars and pubs are very popular in some sections of the city. Some of them are located close to baseball or basketball stadiums, in the different districts of Boston, and are the meeting point for sports enthusiasts. Other bars simply stand out for their great selection of draft and bottled beer, and for the huge group of loyal fans of this refreshing drink.

A few if the bars and pubs that come highly recommended for their beers are: Boston Beer Works, Brendan Behan Pub, Bukowski Tavern, Cambridge Brewing Company, Cask 'n' Flagon, Deep Ellum, Redbone and Grendel's Den. Sunset Grill and Tap, The Lower Depths, The Other Side Cafe, Tommy Doyle's Irish Pub and Restaurant, and Watch City Brewing Company are also great choices.

Spectacular DJs

In these clubs the mood is always electric. Every night, experienced DJs are spinning, scratching and cutting a range of music from the classics to the hardest house and more. Anyone who loves good music and a night tearing up a dance floor should definitely check out these clubs.

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts
  • AfterLife Lounge (Downtown)
  • Bill's Bar (Fenway/Kenmore)
  • Club Vertigo (Downtown)
  • Enormous Room (Cambridge)
  • Flat Top Johnny's (Cambridge)
  • Good Life (Downtown)
  • Great Scott (Brighton)
  • Harpers Ferry (Brighton)
  • Middlesex Lounge (Cambridge)
Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts
  • Milky Way Lounge and Lanes (Jamaica Plain)
  • River Gods (Cambridge)
  • Rise (Back Bay)
  • Rumor (Downtown)
  • T.T. the Bear's Place (Cambridge)
  • ZuZu (Cambridge)

Famous for their Cocktails

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

For a long time, the margarita was one of the most popular cocktails for a more ''sophisticated'' clientele. Currently, the bartenders are creating all kinds of ingenious blends, mixing unexpected ingredients, which result in colorful explosions of flavors and sensations. Exotic herbs and fruit extracts, including strawberries, lime, watermelon, cherries and blueberries are some of the favorite ingredients of the local specialties, such as Blue Garden, Pisco Sour, Lavender Cooler, Cilantro Gimlet and Boston Tea Party, some of which are exclusive to Boston bars.

  • Aquitaine (South End)
  • Eastern Standard (Fenway/Kenmore)
  • Ecco (East Boston)
  • Marliave (Downtown)
  • Milky Way Lounge (Jamaica Plain)
  • MiniBar (Back Bay)
  • Mission Bar and Grill (Mission Hill)
  • Rocca (South End)
  • The Independent (Prospect Hill)
  • The Pour House Bar and Grill (Back Bay)
  • West Side Lounge (Cambridge)

Games and Fun

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

The casual atmosphere of these venues is perfect to spend a stress free evening playing games and having fun with friends. There's a wide range of bars and lounges in the different areas of Boston that offer this kind of entertainment. They have activities every night of the week, including rounds of Wii, trivia nights, happy hours and more.

These are only a few suggestions:

The Achilles Project is a very original spot that combines food, drinks, shopping and games. The Beantown Pub organizes virtual hunting competitions on the Big Buck Hunter Pro. The Boston Bowl is more family-friendly as it features a spectacular bowling alley, outdoor batting cages, and many electronic and prize games. Other places, like Jillian's, Kings and Noir feature pool tables, board games and virtual bowling alleys. At Our House West, hectic foosball tournaments take place every week. The Savant Project and the District Restaurant and Lounge offer more relaxed entertainment, such as trivia and bingo.

For the More "Mature" Crowd

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

These bars all have the same basic elements in that they offer excellent service, provide a superb selection of drinks, the atmosphere is slightly more formal than other places, and normally the regulars are around their mid 30s, 40s and a bit more. These bars are working to satisfy the demand for more adequate night-spots for the more ''mature" crowd, in contrast to the popular teen-oriented venues around Boston and Cambridge, which are packed with college students all the time.

The Alchemist Lounge and Cuchi Cuchi are sophisticated venues with really cool atmospheres. Eastern Standard is a trendy bar with a lively vibe, while Gaslight is more laid-back and stylish. Green Street Grill provides a wide range of creative cocktails, and Les Zygomates is a more traditional spot to enjoy good wines. The Beehive features great food, great drinks and spectacular live music. The Independent and The Publick House are exceptional pubs with a great selection of beers.

Rooftop Spots

Nightlife in Boston Massachusetts

One of the most novel concepts of Boston's night scene is the rooftop bars and clubs, offering stunning views of the city. Hotels and high-rise buildings take advantage of their location and height, to provide chic restaurants and lounges, where couples and groups of friends can spend an enjoyable evening under the stars. Some of the most popular rooftop spots in the city are: Atlantic Beer Garden, Colonnade Hotel, Daedalus, Dbar, Market, Rattlesnake Bar, Ristorante Fiore, Splash, Tavern on the Water and The Baseball Tavern.

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