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Restaurants in Bogota: Gastronomy and Typical Cuisine

Where to eat in Bogota Colombia

During your visit to the capital city of Colombia, you must try the delicious traditional cuisine. Probably the most typical and popular dishes in Bogota, are the stews "Puchero Santafereno", "Ajiaco" and "Sancocho", all prepared with different kinds of meat, legumes and nutritious root vegetables. These hearty meals are made with a combination of spices and vegetables, including an assortment of Colombian potatoes and cassava, which help to make a thicker consistency and add a sweeter flavor to the broth.

Although not originally from Bogota, the large platters called "Fritanga Criolla" and "Bandeja Paisa" are also part of this city's long list of culinary delights. Both consist of enough chopped meat and sausages for one or two people. They also include "patacon" (fried banana) and other side dishes, such as avocado, potatoes, rice and beans. These two Colombian specialties, typical in the provincial areas of the country, have become more popular over the years and now they're offered in many of the traditional restaurants in Bogota.

While visiting this beautiful city by the Andes, you have to try the rich flavors of the typical cuisine. Whether you grab a bite to eat from a street vendor or dine in a gourmet restaurant, you're sure to be delighted by the taste of the traditional dishes, which are usually made using Colombian potatoes. It is often said that there's no other place in the world to enjoy real Colombian cuisine other than in Colombia, because the traditional ingredients are almost impossible to get anywhere else.

Zona G

Typical Food Bogota

"Zona G" is known as the gourmet dining area of the city. This district, located very close to Bogota's historic downtown, is home to a whole host of restaurants and bistros owned by renowned chefs. These establishments and their owners compete in a discrete and elegant way to outdo the style, recipes and ambiance of their competitors. This imperceptible "combat" is actually beneficial for those who dine in the Zona G in Bogota, because they always get excellent service, incredible flavors and high quality cuisine, no matter which restaurant they choose.

Among the culinary options available in the Zona G you can find Chinese food, Mexican, Seafood, Fusion, Thai and many other cuisines from around the world. There are also casual sidewalk cafes, quiet bars with urban views, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, and obviously many restaurants that offer typical Colombian food.

Parque de la 93

Restaurants in Bogota

Located in Chapinero, one of the most exclusive districts in Bogota, this spot is full of excellent dining options and a good helping of culture as well. It features lots of great options for lunch and dinner that range from fast food stands to elegant bistros with dress codes. When deciding on where to eat, there's plenty to choose from in Parque de la 93. International specialty restaurants, avant-garde fusion bistros, and the ultimate Asian culinary trends, including Teppanyaki grills, exotic Thai lounges and Chinese buffets can all be found at Parque de la 93.

Outdoor performances, groups playing live music and hordes of enthusiastic people make this already popular meeting point even more attractive for all those who visit. Drinks, a friendly crowd, and the fact that you'll be really close to "Zona T", the heart of nightlife in Bogota, ensures you'll be in the mood to, as the locals say, "rumba" all night long!

The Romantic Neighborhood of La Candelaria

Restaurants in Bogota La Candelaria

Simon Bolivar, leader of Colombia's War of Independence, used to live in this colonial district a long time ago. A few blocks away from his home, still in the same neighborhood, lived Manuelita Saenz, his lover until his death. Barrio de La Candelaria (La Canderaria neighborhood) is almost four centuries old, and it's the place where the city began, along with many love stories.

There are several cafes, bohemian bars and romantic candlelit restaurants in the picturesque cobblestone alleys of La Candelaria, all of which are housed in buildings that are beautiful examples colonial architecture. Just walking through the streets of this old neighborhood is truly a pleasant experience, admiring the charming balconies of the old houses of La Candelaria. However the best way to experience this neighborhood is to enjoy a dinner and drinks with the friendly crowd that are always found in the restaurants of this popular tourist area of Bogota.

Casa Santa Clara, en Monserrate

Restaurants in Bogota Monserrate

If you ask around the city for a good place to eat, more often than not Casa Santa Clara will be recommended. It's certainly worth a visit to this excellent restaurant not only because of the good service or the enticing dishes on offer but primarily because of the view. This restaurant is actually located at the top of Monserrate Hill and provides diners with a wonderful 180-degree view of the Bogota skyline, simply better than any other in town. Having a lunch or dinner at Casa Santa Clara could definitely be the perfect end to a day spent visiting one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bogota, the beautiful Sanctuary of Monserrate.

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