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Nightlife in Bogota: Nigthclubs, Dance Clubs and More

Nightlife Bogota, Colombia

In Bogota, to "rumba" means to go out and party all night long. Visiting tourists to the capital city of Colombia who are looking for a night out on the town are sure to hear that word over and over till the early hours of the morning. This word also refers to drinking and dancing till the break of dawn, the way only typically friendly and spirited natives of Bogota know how. Lively, danceable rhythms, such as vallenato and cumbia, have made Colombia famous and these are the beats you'll definitely find in the majority of the clubs in Bogota. Electronic beats and underground music are some of the many types of music that can be heard, all excellent choices for a fantastic time after the sun sets over Bogota.

Chapinero's Zona T and Zona Rosa

Nightlife Bogota

There are bars that can be found all over the capital but the area that is typically known as the center of entertainment is Chapinero. Here you can find two of the main clubbing areas of the city, right next to each other: the Zona T and the Zona Rosa. The universe of partygoers that can be found here will have a wide range to choose from, everything from romantic lounges and bohemian bars to dance clubs where you can groove to cumbia, retro or anything else you can think of. And because of this variety, there is also a wide selection of venues that caters to any taste you can think of. Whether you are a 30-something or part of a young crowd of clubbers, there are your typical clubs with DJ-spun music or bands and solo artists performing live. The most visited clubs in Bogota normally have different sections to accommodate this variety so you can have clubbers of all types under the same roof. This kaleidoscope assortment all come together to enjoy nightlife to the fullest, regardless of the lifestyle that any given person may have.

Nightlife in Bogota is accessible to all walks of life, whether you are a man or a woman, married or single, younger or just a little bit older, you can find the perfect option for you. It doesn't matter if you've decided to go solo, are out with your friends, can or can't dance or have a particular orientation: Chapinero has it all. There are bars and clubs of all types, from cozy little romantic spots to large venues for the ultimate raving experience. Look for your ideal nighttime ambiance.


Party Bogota

Only two decades ago, this colorful old district located in northern Bogota was originally just a town located close to the capital. Now, Usaquen is part of the metropolitan area of this now sprawling Colombian capital. Its old buildings, central square, streets and alleyways still maintain its beautiful colonial architecture, making it an extraordinary attraction for locals and tourists alike. Charming houses and colonial patios have been converted into casual restaurants, sidewalk cafes, art galleries and romantic nightspots, like cozy lounges and bars.

Dancing Sky High

Bogota Nightclubs

There are three nightspots in Bogota that stand out for their impressive city views. One of them is The End, a large dance floor located on the 30th floor of the Tequendama ResidentialTowers, a few blocks away from the city's historic downtown. This huge nightclub can accommodate up to 1,200 people and brings vibrant electronic beats to sultry Bogota nights. There are windows on all sides so that you can admire the view and the brilliant city lights, while you dance and mingle the night away. Level 41 is not just the name of another recommendation: it also indicates the floor on which this trendy nightclub is located. Level 41 attracts people for its hi-tech sound system, its DJ mixes and its magnificent view from the 41st floor of the famed Bogota Hilton. Bogota's upper crust meet every weekend at this elegant venue, located in one of the most remarkable skyscrapers of the city.

Bogota Nightlife La Calera

Last, but not least, is La Calera. This wonderful countryside location is not far from Bogota's metropolitan zone. It is actually a few minutes away and uphill from the popular Usaquen and Chapinero districts. From this romantic point high up in the hills, admire a bright constellation of colorful lights outlining the extensive urban area of the Colombian capital. La Calera features many entertainment options and is a favorite getaway for locals, offering the countryside experience without having to travel too far. La Calera is distinguished basically for two things: its chilly weather (located in the Andes as it can get quite cold) and its exclusive and fashionable venues. Visitors are welcomed with an impressive city view and a fine selection of wines and drinks. It can be a bit expensive for a night on the town in La Calera but the experience is definitely worth every penny.

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