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Welcome to Bogota, Colombia

The historic city of Bogota is located on a plateau at the foot of the Cordillera Oriental (the "Eastern Range" which is a branch of the colossal Andes). In aerial shots, this range looks like the spinal column of South America. The capital of Colombia offers a whole series of seductive attractions among which are the typical Andean peaks that flank the east, covered with a sheet of dark green from the thick forests that extend, draped over these rocky formations.

On the postcards of Bogota, there is distinct visual contrast, being that it is a contemporary city with modern streets and skyscrapers, while on the other hand, it has a long history of extraordinary viceregal architecture. Take a pleasant walk about the capital city of Colombia and discover traditional neighborhoods (like La Candelaria and Usaquen), past the main financial district, where there are beautiful remnants of colonization as well as this country's first few years as an independent nation.

District Capital, As Always

Welcome to Bogota

The initials "D.C.", which can be found as a suffix of the name, Bogota, means "District Capital". It was a title that was given to the capital of the country and for being an administrative district, different from the rest of the entities that make up this nation. During its history, Santafe de Bogota was the Spanish viceregal capital of New Granada during colonial times, and of the Bolivian Gran Colombia in its first few years of independence. Afterwards, it became the capital of the Colombian state of Cundinamarca and in 1991, it was deemed "Bogota, D.C.", seat of republican power in the country.

Why Visit Bogota

Bogota Vacations Colombia

Bogota is the heart of Colombia. It is the capital as well as the most important city in terms of visits, industry and culture in the whole entire country. Apart from these things, it also has the airport with the most air traffic, the tallest skyscraper, the oldest university and the largest concentration of museums in all of Colombia. There are also images that bring to mind the best of Colombia, such as emeralds, the legendary myth of El Dorado, the literature of Nobel Prize winner Garcia Marquez and the singular artistic expressions of Fernando Botero.

In Bogota, the popular culture of Cundinamarca is greatly expressed in this urban city, which spreads like a large web across this state. Being as that it is the capital, there are also dashes of the distinct cultures from all over the country, coloring the multicultural canvas that is the vast Republic of Colombia. In the farthest corners of the city, you can hear songs of vallenato and cumbia drifting out, types of music that are proud symbols of Colombian culture. Try a delicious sancocho and ajiaco, succulent delicacies that are traditional in Colombian cuisine. Chase it all down with some liquor for a little bit of "spirit-lifting". Or look for famed Colombian coffee, found in any establishment that serves food and drink.

Enjoy Your Trip to Bogota

Travel to Bogota

Be prepared to enjoy an unforgettable stay in this city, harmoniously impregnated with tradition and modernity. Visit its list of never-ending attractions that include day and night activities and fill your agenda with agreeably good fun. Surprise yourself with all the galleries and museums, some of which are the most interesting in Latin America. Try the city's exquisite cuisine, whether you find yourself in local hotspots or in luxurious restaurants. Put the crowning touch onto your trip and vibe to the rhythm of typical Bogota cheer. Visit the colorful night entertainment options that can be found all over the city.

For a vacation that's packed with nature, culture, folklore and unique urban panoramas, Bogota is an excellent recommendation. If you're visiting Colombia on business, enjoy this beautiful city filled with people who practically sing, result of the fact that their accent is so harmonious that you can instantly feel the extreme warmth and cordiality of the Colombian people.

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