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Shopping in Belo Horizonte: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte offers a wide variety of shopping options. Here, visitors can find whatever they're looking for, whether it's handmade souvenirs, artwork, local jewelry, upscale name brands, and even locally mined gemstones. There's something for everyone in the unique markets, shops, stands, and malls set up throughout the city.

Mercado Central

Shopping in Belo Horizonte

This intriguing market isn't just for shopping; it's the ideal spot for experiencing the local mineira culture. Filled with hundreds of shops and stands, Mercado Central offers everything you can think of, including exotic tropical fruits, handmade wooden artisanry, fresh produce, unique souvenirs, and, of course, a few bars for enjoying an afternoon snack. Tourists and locals love this market for its affordable prices and unique items.

Feira do Hippie

Hippie Fair Belo Horizonte

The local "Hippie Fair" sets up every Sunday morning along Avenida Afonso Pena, one of downtown Belo's main streets in the heart of the city. Set in front of the Parque Municipal (Municipal Park), this handicraft street fair opens early in the morning and closes around 2:00 p.m. The busy avenue is closed to traffic to allow room for more than 3,000 stands selling bathing suits, jewelry, crafts, ornaments, furniture, paintings, and so much more, all at unbelievably low prices. Shoppers can cool off at one of the many snack stands selling mineira food, cold beers and candy.


Gemstones Minas Gerais

Centuries ago, the state of Minas Gerais attracted settlers from all over Brazil due to its amazing natural resources, especially its stunning precious stones. Belo Horizonte is no exception, offering some of the most diverse and colorful stones in the world. Stores selling gemstones, sculptures and jewelry are set up throughout the city. You can choose from many local products, including emerald, opal, topaz, quartz, manganese, amethyst and aquamarine.

BH Shopping

Shopping Malls in Belo Horizonte

This is one of the largest, oldest and most convenient shopping centers in Belo, situated in the Belvedere area just south of downtown. The 30-year-old mall sells a wide variety of accessories, shoes, clothing, electronics, books, and more. Its services include tourism information, movie theaters, restaurants, and a food court.

Diamond Mall

Belo Horizonte Shopping Malls

Diamond Mall is known as one of Belo Horizonte's most upscale and exclusive shopping centers, situated downtown in the Lourdes neighborhood. It offers 204 stores in a three-story building, including sports items, accessories, name-brand clothing, perfumes, shoes, and a movie theater. You can also enjoy their restaurant plaza and their food court, along with a bilingual concierge desk with customer service and city information.

Patio Savassi

Shopping in Belo Horizonte

Situated in downtown's trendy Savassi neighborhood, this is one of Belo's newest malls. Apart from the usual clothing and accessories stores, this modern shopping center also offers a wide variety of restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Italian and steakhouse cuisine, along with chocolate shops and a food court. Patio Savassi frequently offers exhibits and live music, with an amphitheatre, an acoustic patio and a movie theater available for entertainment.

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