Barranquilla, Colombia

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Restaurants in Barranquilla, Colombia: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Barranquilla, Colombia

The cuisine choices you can make in this marvelous city of Barranquilla are tremendous, important, as well as delicious. These modern restaurants offer an ample menu that is characterized for offering Creole fare as well as an interesting diversity of world cuisine. It's easy to find many restaurants in the city, like Syrian or Lebanese eateries, especially since the city has many immigrants from the Middle East. There are also Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Peruvian, French, Italian, Thai and Spanish cuisine, with seafood, vegetarian as well as fusion, among other great alternatives.

The combination of different culinary techniques and flavors is, without a doubt, something that happens in Colombian cuisine. The mix of indigenous and European ingredients comes together with African, Arabic and Spanish culinary techniques, where the main ingredients are pork, potatoes, beans, corn, chicken, rice and thick soups.

Barranquilla's Exquisite Cuisine

Restaurants in Barranquilla, Colombia

The dishes vary between meat dishes, soup and fish. You can enjoy everything from a carimanolas, butifarras and quibbes, and even some exquisite red snapper or a seafood casserole.





Restaurants in Barranquilla, Colombia

The aroma of coconut rice and fish is also something that you can find in all the restaurants of Barranquilla, as well as an exuberant combination of meat and beans, accompanied by avocado and fried egg. Baked goat, pepitoria and culona ants are part of the indigenous gastronomical heritage that is a real treat for visitors.



Flavors from the Rest of Colombia

Restaurants in Barranquilla, Colombia

In the restaurants of Barranquilla, you can also have the chance to try dishes that can be found far and wide across Colombian territory, like the ajiaco and a variety of sancochos (stew) made with different types of meat. There is also wheat cuchuco, corn cob wraps from Boyaca, the mamona llanera, the cuy narinense and the pork sausage of Sutamarchan.



Restaurants in Barranquilla, Colombia

To accompany your dishes, you can also try delicious corn arepas, patacon or yuca. Wash it down with a refreshing beer or one of the liquors produced in the country. Finish off with exotic tropical fruit or a seductive cup of the best coffee in the world.

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