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Handicrafts in Copper Canyon

In Copper Canyon the production of crafts helps to preserve the culture and traditions of the indigenous population. It has also strengthened the local economy and provided a means for showcasing the folk art from the region. Women and girls have developed the skills to become recognized artisans, while the men and boys have specialized in making bows and arrows, wooden ladders, buckets, canes, and leather goods.


Pottery in Copper Canyon

The majority of these objects are intended for domestic uses, such as food preparation and storage. They include jars, bottles, pots, cups, plates, and bowls in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is worth mentioning that many of the ornamental pieces of Tarahumara pottery have their origin in the traditional tesguinera pots.


Clay in Copper Canyon

Part of the indigenous pottery production has been created specifically for sale, resulting in innovative designs that meet market demand; mainly decorative vases and pots.


Ceramics in Copper Canyon

When crafting ceramic vases, the artisans often incorporate natural elements and the social aspects of life in the community. In that sense, nature is not only a supplier of raw materials, but a source of inspiration as well; at the same time helping to reinforce local customs and traditions.

Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving in Copper Canyon

Due to its exceptional beauty, basket weaving is considered one of the most traditional crafts in the northwest. You can also find woven household goods, rope, and personal items, such as hats and belts, among other items.


Toys in Copper Canyon

Toys and miniature items made by indigenous artisans play a role in passing along customs and family values to the younger generations. Tarahumara toys include clay or wooden dolls with long dark hair and colorful dresses, trucks, bows and arrows, small pots, traditional puzzles and games, and more.


Wood in Copper Canyon

Wood is used almost exclusively in the production of items used for daily life, indigenous ceremonies, and also to make rustic musical instruments, such as guitars and violins with strings made of horsehair. The traditional music of the Tarahumara is closely linked to festivals and celebrations, whereas the instruments play an important role in traditional ceremonies and often accompany shamans during their rituals and chants.


Textiles in Copper Canyon

The textiles produced by the men and women in the northwest include blankets, belts, and carpets made of cotton and wool that feature distinctive geometric designs.

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