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Copper Canyon Cuisine

The cuisine in the Copper Canyon is quite similar to what you might find in the state capital of Chihuahua. Although they frequently use fruits and vegetables, the main ingredients are meat, chilies, and corn tortillas. In the village eateries called "fondas" you can enjoy traditional meals, such as “cocido de carne,” which is a type of soup prepared with pieces of rib, shank, tail and bone marrow.

If you prefer something heartier, a very popular dish in the region is a northern-style juicy steak, accompanied by warm tortillas. Another good option is the Raramuri steak: a cut of beef with special seasonings. Other favorites include quesadillas, chili-flavored cheese, and grilled green chilies served with corn or flour tortillas.


With a distinctive flavor, sotol is a fermented drink from the Copper Canyon and Chihuahua region. It is similar to tequila in Jalisco or mescal in Oaxaca, and has unique features that will delight even the most discerning of palates. Another regional beverage made by the Tarahumara is tesguino, a fermented corn beverage that tastes like beer. 

The Hotel Mision Restaurant

The Hotel Mision Restaurant

In the magical setting of Cerocahui, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal for lunch or dinner. Just don’t skip dessert; the apple pie is without a doubt the best item on the menu.

The Hotel Posada Mirador Restaurant

This restaurant perched on the mountainside is one of the best places to dine in Divisadero. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of the canyon while savoring exquisite cuisine.

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