Bariloche, Argentina

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Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

In Bariloche, just like in many other tourist destinations, there are a lot of original and unique things to buy. The main shopping district is located downtown along Mitre and Moreno Streets. Here, you can find all sorts of local products and some of the most typical ones are smoked foods. There are a number of shops where you can purchase smoked cheeses, meats and fish, such as venison, wild boar, salmon, and trout, as well as several spices, like curry, masala, and paprika.

Considered some of the best in the world, Argentinean wines, craft beers and fine chocolates from Bariloche also make great gifts to take back home with you.


Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche is known for its fine chocolates. This city is a paradise for anyone who loves this sweet treat and it is almost obligatory to buy chocolate as a gift or souvenir when you visit here. There are many chocolate and confectioners shops where you can buy the famous "chocolate en rama" (chocolate tree trunks), as well as an assortment of chocolates made with different berries and nuts. Most of the most traditional chocolate shops are located downtown, like Fenoglio, Tante Frida, Mamuschka, La Mexicana, Chocolates de la Abuela Goye, and Frantom. Many of them have two or more locations throughout town. You can also buy delicious jams and jellies, as well as other typical sweets and candy made with the local fruits.

Arts and Crafts

Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

You can get a wide variety of arts and crafts made of the native woods, along with all sorts of objects made of silver, such as yokes, belt buckles, bowls, pitchers, candleholders and "mates", a receptacle for drinking a kind of South American tea. Jewelry, with or without mounted precious stones, and a selection of objects used by the Mapuche indigenous people, along with ceramic pottery, crockery and dishware, which come plain or hand-painted with images of the native wildlife, also make excellent gifts.

Clothing and Accessories

Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

Patagonia is a major producer of wool in Argentina, and in Bariloche artisans turn it into beautiful garments. The wool is spun manually into threads of different sizes and colored with natural dyes. They weave and knit the threads into lovely pieces of clothing, such as ponchos, sweaters, scarves, stoles, gloves, and hats. Another sought-after local product from this region is leather. The local people make a wide selection of leather goods from sheep, goat, and cow hides, including wallets, bags, pocketbooks, briefcases, jackets, and boots.

There are also several stores that carry outerwear and ski wear for your next trip to the slopes. You can find clothing made with a wide selection of fabrics to suit all weather conditions and outdoor pursuits.

Shopping Patagonia

Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

The largest shopping center in Bariloche is called Shopping Patagonia, located on Elflein and Onelli Streets. It is built of wood and stone, housing over 50 different retail shops, a multiplex movie theater, a casino, a bowling alley, and a kid's play area. There are lots of restaurants to choose from serving everything from pastas, steak and fast food, to salads, ice creams and chocolates. At Shopping Patagonia you can also find sporting goods, clothing, footwear, baby accessories, an optical shop, cell phones and gadgets, musical instruments, perfumeries, electronics, and appliances.

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