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Nightlife in Bariloche, Argentina: Nightclubs, Bars & More

Nightlife in Bariloche, Argentina

Because of its breathtaking sceneries of rolling green hills, San Carlos de Bariloche is a year-round destination. Better known for its majestic mountain slopes for downhill skiing during the winter, and for all sorts of outdoor activities the rest of the year, Bariloche also offers exciting nightlife. There are lots of pubs, discos, and a casino where the young and the young at heart party until the wee hours of the morning.

Bariloche is popular among Argentinean high school graduates who come here on their graduation trips from June to September. With tons of things to do during the day and night, Bariloche offers an array of discos and clubs with state-of-the-art light and sound systems and the best music selection for all ages, as well as shows and international DJ's. Most clubs are located lakeside, mainly on Juan Manuel de Rosas Street.


Nightlife in Bariloche, Argentina

With extravagant decor and a built-in acoustic system, Cerebro Disco has a recycling air conditioning system and temperature control in all of the 16,000 sq. ft. of the property. Cerebro is also home to Club Disco House, a space reserved just for House music.


Nightlife in Bariloche, Argentina

Equipped with robotic lights, Roket features intelligent lighting in all of its rooms. With a capacity for 2,000 people, this five-story club offers four bars and three dance floors with different music selections. Their cutting edge sound system has the highest power in South America.

Genux and Club Pacha

Nightlife in Bariloche, Argentina

Genux has a lavish and futuristic design with three glass dance floors, 492 ft. of hanging catwalks, an exceptional sound system and the most cutting edge technology in lighting, lasers and special effects. It also features a VIP Lounge with a more exclusive ambience.


Nightlife in Bariloche, Argentina

Located along the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi, the six-story Grisu Club provides several settings: three dance floors with different music, three live DJ's spinning simultaneously, and a room only for Trance music. It is on the cutting edge of trends in light and sound technology, featuring a four-way sound system, plasmas, video and intelligent lighting. Their exceptional bartenders provide excellent service and exceed in making you feel welcome. Grisu plans private parties with raffles, prizes and MC services, all in a beautiful setting overlooking the lake. Every Saturday is Retro Night, where they play hits from the 80s and 90s.

By Pass

Vida Nocturna en Bariloche

Ever since the club opened in 1983, By Pass has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It features a warm and friendly atmosphere with great music and has always been at the forefront of technology. It has a German laser, the only one of its kind in the country, which emits bright beams of up to a million colors. There is an official store selling a unique line of clothing and other memorabilia, including hats and CD's featuring the By Pass logo.

The Casino of Bariloche

Vida Nocturna en Bariloche

Tresor Casino features over 500 gambling machines at its three locations throughout the city. You can play roulette, poker, Black Jack, craps, Baccarat, slot machines, electronic roulette and more. It offers fine dining, efficient service, and live shows everyday. The casino, which hosts important poker tournaments, is definitely worth visiting.


Vida Nocturna en Bariloche

There are numerous Irish pubs and cantinas where you can have an assortment of drinks, crafted beer, and fine wines accompanied by traditional bar food, such as pizza, salad, fish, steak, and crepes, just to name a few. The pubs have an inviting, casual and fun atmosphere with good music and typical Irish decor. They're perfect for playing board games and enjoying great times with friends. Some of the most popular pubs are Pilgrim, The Roxy, Cerveza Artesanal La Cruz, Berlina, and Wilkenny Irish Pub.

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