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Shopping in Balneario Camboriu: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Balneario Camboriu

If you think no trip would be complete without a great shopping spree, Balneario Camboriu is perfect for your upcoming vacation. This destination has some of the best shopping in Brazil, with plazas and shops that draw in visitors from all over. In Camboriu, you'll find an endless amount of products sold at factory prices, including leather goods, furnishings and decor. Famous brand names can be found all along the famous Avenida Brasil, the city's main shopping street.

In this area, you'll also come across the central boardwalk, a picturesque spot that offers shoppers and visitors a charming walkway, overflowing with shop windows showcasing the latest in fashion at nearly five thousand stores.

Balneario Camboriu Shopping

Shopping in Balneario Camboriu

Balneario Camboriu Shopping is a unique plaza featuring modern architecture and beautiful natural lighting. It has more than 200 stores with the best brands, along with gourmet cafes, restaurants and parking. There are also various entertainment options available, such as movie theaters, a "Magic Games" area for kids, and artistic attractions like the Balneario Fashion Show and the Winter Festival.

Atlantico Shipping Center

Shopping in Balneario Camboriu

This mall is located in the city's downtown area, just a few steps from the beach on one of Balneario Camboriu's busiest streets. Atlantico receives visitors from all over the world, drawn in by the wide variety of stores set throughout the mall's two stories. It has a pleasant, family-style atmosphere.

Casa Hall Shopping

Shopping in Balneario Camboriu

Casa Hall Shopping is the area's largest plaza specializing in furnishings, appliances, decor and tools for the home. Here, the best brands all come together in spaces that meet the expectations of high end customers. There are even areas specially created for architects and designers, helping them to plan and carry out their projects.

Malecon Central (Central Boardwalk)

Shopping in Balneario Camboriu

With pedestrian-only access, the city's Boardwalk is an important shopping area and tourist attraction, with endless shops offering a wide variety of items such as imported perfumes, beauty products, cell phones, electronics, sport fishing equipment and tobacco products, along with restaurants, bars and hotels for any budget.

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