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Bienvenidos a Balneario Camboriú

This stunning and impressive tourist destination, located in the state of Santa Catarina and known as one of the most important cities in southern Brazil, is recognized worldwide for its wide range of tourist attractions available throughout the year. The city of Balneario Camboriu is blessed with amazing hotel infrastructure, with approximately 100 hotels and inns offering 20,000 rooms for visitors. High season runs from February through March, the warmest months of the year, when visitors can experience the best beach-going conditions for their upcoming vacation.

A Bit of History

Welcome to Balneario Camboriu

In this bay, the beautiful beach destination of Balneario Camboriu was born, even before Brazil was discovered by foreign nations. Its first inhabitants were the Tupi-Guarani people, who were the only people to experience the natural beauty of this region until the beginning of the seventeenth century. Foreign occupation didn't officially begin until 1826, when the first German families were drawn in by the area's fertile soil and pleasant climate.

In 1928, the region grew in popularity among visitors in search of a bathing destination, resulting in the construction of the first hotel and the beginning of tourist activity in the area. Years later, it became a preferred tourist destination, especially among Argentineans, who were sure not to leave Balneario Camboriu out of their vacation itinerary. All who visited this site were captivated by its singular beauty, its white sands, its lush vegetation and its crystal-clear waters, which is why it became known as the "Wonder of the South Atlantic".

Traditions and Customs

Welcome to Balneario Camboriu

Local commerce focuses on the sale of artisanal products mainly found in the Bairro da Barra neighborhood, along with exquisite regional cuisine made with fresh local seafood. One fact you may not know about Balneario Camboriu is that, even though the country's official language is Portuguese, this particular destination receives visitors from many neighboring countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and more. Over time, these outside influences have led to a whole new local language called "Portunhol", a combination of Portuguese and Spanish.

The City of Extreme Sports

Welcome to Balneario Camboriu

Sports, whether they're played on land, in the ocean or in the air, form a huge tradition in this fascinating destination, which is why sporting events on the beach have become very popular. Balneario Camboriu was even chosen as the host for the South American volleyball and jet ski games. Surfing is another popular sport enjoyed by many locals and visitors in Balneario Camboriu. Thousands of professional and amateur surfers come to this site, known as the "birthplace of surfing". Here, you can also try extreme sports such as hang gliding, rappelling and ziplining.

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