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Welcome to Angra Dos Reis Brazil

In the state of Rio de Janeiro sits one of the most stunning destinations in Brazil: Angra dos Reis. This area offers spectacular waters, fascinating natural hideaways and countless sites of interest that captivate the senses.


Between the turquoise ocean and the towering mountains surrounding Angra dos Reis, you can relax, walk, enjoy your favorite sports and swim amongst the 365 islands. Ilha Grande (Big Island) is the heart of this destination's fun and entertainment, the perfect spot for tourists from all over the world to experience beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.


To experience the region's unique flavors, try a traditional dish made with fish and banana. If you're interested in shows and music, this is the perfect place for you; just stop by Santa Luzia Pier or take part in the many festivities during high season on Ilha Grande, where the party never stops.


Welcome to Angra Dos Reis Brazil

Angra dos Reis is made up of 365 islands. The area's two thousand beaches feature breathtaking natural beauty, history, and a variety of options for fun and entertainment.

This amazing destination is located on the Costa Verde (Green Coast) of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This region is known for its incredible climate, perfect for a vacation in the sun and the soft Brazilian breeze. Visitors can enjoy endless options for water sports, parties and daytime and nighttime entertainment in Angra dos Reis, along with great shopping that includes local clothing, international brands and unique artisanry. The area's cultural attractions tell the story of Angra dos Reis through monuments and beautiful buildings, making it the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation.


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