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Attractions in Anaheim (Disneyland), USA: What to do and where to go

Anaheim Attractions

Spanning a little over 48 square miles, Anaheim is a city packed full of attractions for the whole family; anywhere Disney is you know you're in for a very good time! There's a myriad of diverse attractions to enjoy that will put a smile on the faces of both old and young, plus the weather is usually fantastic as well. Since the advent of Disney, in 1955, Anaheim has blossomed from an area most noted for its produce, into a magical vacation destination, known the world over. It is said that Walt Disney scoured the whole of Southern California looking for that perfect piece of land that he could turn into the fantasy world that we know and love today.

Disney is by far the biggest most popular attraction in Anaheim, but there are also lots of other things to do as well. You could watch a sporting event, see a live band, visit a museum, take a tour around the historic district or explore downtown on the electric buses and trams, the choice is yours.

Disneyland Park

Anaheim Attractions

No trip to Anaheim would be complete without visiting the world famous Disneyland Park. This is where all the excitement and magic started and luckily for us it's still going from strength to strength today. In total there are eight themed lands to explore, plenty of entertainment options and, of course, the magical parades down Main Street U.S.A. The park also has sixty rides, thirty restaurants and fifty stores, so there really is no chance you'll be at a loss for something to do. When the sun goes down on Disney, the spectacular firework display lights up the sky and ends off a wonderful day for the whole family, in true Disney style.

Disneyland Californian Adventure

Anaheim Attractions

Disneyland Californian Adventure incorporates excitement, fun and a little insight into California's illustrious past as well. Set on 55 acres of manicured grounds the park features three different themed lands: Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Paradise Pier, and the Golden State. There are plenty of rides for thrill seekers to enjoy if you really want to get your adrenalin flowing, including the rapids at Grizzly Peak and the California Screamin' Rollercoaster. For those of you that prefer something a little less intense then take a ride on the park's giant Ferris wheel, from which you'll have an incredible view of the entire Disneyland Californian Adventure Park.

Knott's Berry Farm

Anaheim Attractions

Located in an area outside of Anaheim called Buena Park, Knott's Berry Farm is even older than Disneyland. It was started originally by a family who needed money so he served fried chicken dinners and boysenberry pies to truck drivers, however, over the years more and more attractions were added turning the park into a place for thrill seekers, featuring huge rollercoasters and a multitude of fast and furious rides. Today Knott's Berry Farm is still a very popular theme park, it has a different feel to Disneyland and it is well worth a visit if you are looking for an adrenalin rush!

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Anaheim Attractions

The Angel Stadium is located in the heart of Anaheim, home to the baseball team the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Going to watch a ballgame is an American tradition and a great way to spend an afternoon with the family. Along with getting to watch a great baseball game, Angel Stadium of Anaheim also features 3 full service restaurants and if you really feel like going all out then why not purchase tickets for the club level suites! Experience one of America's favorite pastimes with a trip to Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

The Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Attractions

For a fun family evening out, a great place to go is to the Honda Center, to watch the Anaheim Ducks, the local ice hockey team. The team was formerly called the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, and was founded in 1993 by the Walt Disney Company, before being sold in 2005. For such a young team they have had pretty good success, and actually won the Stanley Cup in 2007. If you've never been to watch a hockey game before then put this on your list of things to do. It's fast, ferocious, exciting and fun, what better to spend an evening in the beautiful city of Anaheim.

Anaheim Museum

Anaheim Attractions

The Anaheim museum is located in the historic Carnegie Library, which was originally built in 1908. Interestingly, in 1995 the whole building was disassembled and relocated to its current site on Anaheim and Broadway Boulevard. The Carnegie Library has housed the Anaheim Museum since 1987 and year round they always have a great selection of exhibits on show. Two of its galleries are just for temporary exhibitions that are borrowed from other institutions and there is a third gallery that features exhibits specifically for children. Oftentimes they will have interactive, very hands-on exhibits for children, so they can touch as well as look. The museum store is also worth visiting as they have lots of resources all about Anaheim's fascinating past, work by local artists, and plenty of unique gifts as well.

Anaheim Historic District

Anaheim Attractions

The Historic Center of Anaheim is a perfect 1 mile square piece of land roughly 10 minutes away from Disneyland. It all began when a wooden stake was pounded into the ground, in 1871, marking the center of what is now known as Old Town Orange. The town was originally laid out by two lawyers, Alfred Beck Chapman and Andrew Glassell, who had received the parcel of land as payment for legal fees. It is split into quarters and features an oval park in the center. The streets run north and south, while the avenues run east and west. The town center still has an eclectic mix of stores and cafes, including plenty of antique shops and charming tea rooms. For a glimpse into Anaheim's interesting past take a trip to Old Town Orange!

The Crystal Cathedral

Anaheim Attractions

The Crystal Cathedral is a mega-church that was founded in 1955. It was originally budgeted to cost about 7 million dollars to construct, however, it ended up costing over 17 million, roughly the equivalent of 55 million dollars today. The exterior features thousands of panes of glass that shimmer in the afternoon sun, making for a truly spectacular sight. The Crystal Cathedral is unique in that it broadcasts it church services around the globe on the television show, called The Hour of Power, reaching millions of worshippers on a daily basis. Whether you visit the church for reasons of faith or just for the spectacular architecture, it is definitely a fascinating place to see.

Flight Deck Air Combat Center

Anaheim Attractions

Opened in 2005, Flight Deck Air Combat Center gives civilians the chance to experience what it is really like to be the pilot of an F16 fighter jet, without leaving the ground. These simulators provide you with an almost real life experience, you'll feel like you're Tom Cruise in Top Gun flying around the sky at lightening fast speeds. You can even join in with your friends as you fly missions together. It's a great place for groups or corporate events, and you're sure to leave with a big smile on your face!

Anaheim Hills Golf Course

Anaheim Attractions

For those of you who fancy doing something a little different while on your trip to Anaheim, why not play a round of golf at Anaheim Hills Golf Course. This course is located just 25 minutes away from Disneyland, in the rolling Californian countryside. It's a great choice for golfers of all levels and features some very interesting and challenging holes. There is also a large clubhouse on site, with a pro shop, a practice area and a cozy sports bar and grille.

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