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Despite being one of the smallest states in Mexico, Aguascalientes offers a wide variety of delicious specialty dishes and excellent world-famous wines. The state is one of the main producers of garlic, chili peppers, alfalfa, corn, beans, grapes, peaches, and guava, which is why the dishes are so varied and flavorsome.

There's a diverse range of cuisine served in the "cenadurias", "merenderos", and other establishments of Aguascalientes. The most famous dishes are enchiladas, Aguascalientes-style tongue "pozole" (a soup-like dish), "sopes" (fried cornmeal) topped with refried beans and shredded chicken, and "taquitos dorados doblados" folded tacos filled with potato and topped with a tomato and oregano sauce, served with lettuce, avocado, and cream.

For desserts and candies, Aguascalientes is way ahead of the rest of the field, offering wonderful guava candies made in Calvillo. You'll find small glasses of milk with guava, guava rolls with caramel and nuts, jellies, empanadas, and cookies.


Traditional Aguascalientes cuisine

This delicious fruit is a major part of the agriculture of Aguascalientes, especially in the Calvillo area, where you'll find delicious guava-based dishes and sauces. The guava leaves are also used in medicinal products to alleviate rheumatism, swelling, hair loss, and indigestion.

Traditional Candies

Traditional Candies in Aguascalientes

You'll find two main typical candies in Aguascalientes. The first and most important is guava candy, for which there are numerous stores that specialize in its production and sale. You'll also have the chance to try "jamoncillos", which are made with dulce de leche (a sweetened milk sauce) and come in different shapes and sizes. They can both be found in the many stores in the historic downtown area of the city.

San Marcos Chicken

During the three weeks of the San Marcos National Fair you can try one of the event's most representative dishes: Pollo San Marcos (San Marcos Chicken). It consists of sliced chicken prepared with a tomato sauce and accompanied by serrano chili peppers.



Pacholas in Aguascalientes

"Pacholas" are breaded beef cutlets made from ground beef, seasoned with different herbs and chili peppers. The dish has its origins in the colonial era, and it is very traditional in different parts of Mexico. The meat is ground in a "metate", a traditional Mexican cooking tool in the form of a flat stone; every portion is flattened, fried, and served with rice, beans, salad, or nopales.

Carnitas in Aguascalientes

Carnitas in Aguascalientes

There is no better dish than "carnitas" for those with carnivorous souls. The Aguascalientes version consists of pork loin prepared with orange juice, which gives it a unique texture and taste characteristic of the region. The shredded meat is then served with tortillas, guacamole, spicy salsa, and limes.

Mitla Restaurant

Restaurantes en Aguascalientes

This restaurant is the oldest in Aguascalientes, having opened in 1938. Offering traditional Mexican cuisine, the establishment also features great service and a casual atmosphere. It is located in the historic downtown area, just one block away from Plaza de Armas.



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