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Aguascalientes is a place full of tradition and history, but this doesn't mean you can't have a great night out in the city. The bars and clubs in Aguascalientes are varied and entertaining, and generally come to life from Thursday to Saturday after 11 p.m. During your time here you'll find everything from jazz and rock to romantic, Latin American, and even protest songs. Aguascalientes is also a major producer of wines, brandy, and other liquors that can play a part in an unforgettable evening.

What are Merenderos?

Merenderos in Aguascalientes

In Aguascalientes, it is very common for people to go out for an evening at a "merendero". These dining establishments are extremely popular because they serve a great variety of snacks just for consuming drinks. Enjoy a beer and delicious pork skin pickled in vinegar and crispy tortilla chips. At the weekends, the merenderos are ideal starting places for an energy-filled night out. Among the most famous in the city are the Merendero de San Marcos and the Merendero de San Pancho.

Merendero San Pancho

Merendero San Pancho in Aguascalientes

"Because food and drink come first": this is the motto of Merendero San Pancho that has helped it become a tradition among people who enjoy good food and drink. With excellent service, a vibrant atmosphere, flat screen TVs for live sporting events, and live music from fantastic rock bands, this place is ideal for dining or snacking during a fun evening out.

Merendero San Marcos

Merendero San Marcos in Aguascalientes

An excellent wine and liquor menu and a fantastic dinner menu await you at this great place. The establishment offers a Mexican party atmosphere, ideal for drinks with friends or family.

Arturo J. Pani Walkway

This walkway is located right next to the San Marcos Temple and Gardens. In the evenings, cafes, bars, and merenderos open their doors and bring out their tables to serve clients cold beer. If you're visiting the walkway during the San Marcos National Fair, you'll be amazed by the enormous amount of people who come to celebrate it, as the walkway is an integral part of the fair facilities during the months of April and May.

The Triangle of Fun

The avenues Colosio, Independencia, and Universidad form a triangle on the map of Aguascalientes, and inside it you'll find lots of great bars and clubs that offer music and drinks all night long.


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